What tourist destinations are now open in the Philippines?

Slowly but surely, the Philippines is restarting its local tourism industry. It now has more tourist destinations that were reopened with health protocols and safety as top of mind. Kudos to everyone helping badly affected tourism businesses to bounce back in a healthy, responsible and safe manner.

Recently, we are also hearing encouraging news about vaccines in the pipeline that ar are seen to be very effective against COVID-19. We can only wait for the time they can be fully rolled out so we can all come out of this global pandemic and start traveling again.

Anyhow, for those close by, the Philippines is encouraging local tourists to come out and enjoy its best travel destinations. I truly believe it’s really a good time to visit them as there will be less crowd. Also, there are probably a lot of great discounts available from tourism operators wishing to earn what they can, given the pandemic situation we are in.

Here’s a list of tourist destinations you should consider. Please always check the places you’d like to visit below with relevant government websites for requirements and restrictions as well as for the most updated information.



Boracay is probably the most popular tourist destination in the country. It has opened October 1st for domestic travelers.


Being so close to Metro Manila, the populous capital district of the Philippines, Batangas is a great place for city dwellers to go out to the country and unwind. For diving enthusiasts, it is good to know that diving is now open in Batangas.


For travelers from Luzon, Baguio reopened on October 22nd. If you’re keen on travelling to Baguio, make sure you checkout VISITA (Baguio Visitor Information and Travel Assistance) to know travel requirements and restrictions.

Ilocos Norte

Home of the famous Pagudpud beach, Ilocos Norte reopened on October 15th for travellers from Luzon.

Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Sur is set to reopen on November 15th for travellers from Luzon. It has partially reopened for those coming from Region 1 and Baguio City.


Bohol is set to reopen on November 15th. Check out all the requirements before you travel as similar to other destinations, they require negative COVID test results before they’ll let you come. Also, it appears only guided tours are allowed.


Ah Palawan, probably the best beach destination of the world, has reopened on October 30. This is probably the best time to enjoy Palawan without the tourist crowd but always check out all requirements and restrictions for a headache free travel.

For the most up-to-date information on the reopening of different Philippines destinations, you can check out the link below from the Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DOT).


Our Take

It is understandable that most people (at this point) still don’t have the appetite to travel. We are still in the midst of a global pandemic and it still is not going anywhere just yet. But, life has to continue and the economy has to restart although we should do so in a safe manner.

For those close by and want to enjoy these destinations with less tourists getting in the way, this is probably the most excellent time to go and visit. Just remember to follow all safety protocols in place.

Keep safe and help the local economy!

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