Things to Do and See in Barili, Cebu

Barili is a municipality in the southwestern part of the province of Cebu, specifically 61 kilometers away from Cebu City. History tells that the municipality’s name came from the word “balili”, which is a kind of grass that grows in the locality. Now, let us skip our history lessons and get on to travel. If you are planning to check what Barili is all about, here are the things you can see and do in this wonderful place:


Gifted with nature’s wonders and other beautiful things made by man, Barili has many tourist spots to offer, such as:

  • Mantayupan Falls

Mantayupan Falls Image source: whologwhy/Creative Commons
Mantayupan Falls Image source: whologwhy/Creative Commons

One of the province’s tallest waterfalls, this is the most popular natural attraction in Barili. Known by the locals as Ambakan Falls, the Mantayupan Falls has 2 levels, with the first having 3 waterfalls that are 14 meters high, while the second having a waterfall with 98 meters of height.

  • Tilapia Fishing Village and Restaurant

Just near the Mantayupan Falls, you can do some relaxation here, while ordering tilapia prepared in your own liking for a meal.

  • Sayaw Beach

One of Barili’s famous beaches, the Sayaw Beach has a white-sand shoreline with clear and pristine waters. This place is ideal if you like to swim or just beach bum for a relaxed time. You can also hop on a small boat and see the beautiful caves and rock formations near the beach.

  • Molave Milk Station

Fresh Milk at Molave Milk Station, Brgy. Dakit, Barili Image source: George Parrilla/Creative Commons
Fresh Milk at Molave Milk Station, Brgy. Dakit, Barili Image source: George Parrilla/Creative Commons

This is a great place to refresh and cool down after a day of exploring. Fresh milk from cows and carabaos will be offered to you here, not to mention the ice cream, cheese and yogurt.

Aside from these places, you can also check out the Candugay Beach, the Boloc-Boloc Spring, the Paradise Valley Mountain Resort and the Paril Mountain Resort.


Considering the places of interest you can visit in Barili, here are the activities that you can enjoy:

  • Chase the waterfalls.

You can chase the Mantayupan Waterfalls to the top, as it offers you a trail to do so. There is a pathway to the second level constructed for those who want to reach it. While you are there, you will see the 98-meter waterfalls as a sight that you should not miss, where you can see the sun rays hitting the bluish-green water of the falls.

  • Visit the Sta. Ana Church.

This church is regarded as the masterpiece of the people of the municipality. It is told to have experienced many life-changing events over the decades. Literature shows that it was bombed, burned, but rebuilt into what it is now.

  • Swim at the beach.

Sayaw beach Image source: Peter Harder/Panoramio
Sayaw beach Image source: Peter Harder/Panoramio

Of course, with the great white-sand beaches in this place, you can have a dip and experience it like in no other beaches you have visited in your life. As you can see, most beaches in Cebu are better than any other beach you can find in the entire country. However, in this part of the province, facilities and other services are not quite established, so you might need to provide for some of your own supplies.

  • Do some caving.

At the Sayaw Beach, you will find smaller caves, which are great if you are into a bit of adventure, spelunking that is. From the resort, you need to rent a small paddle boat to reach the other side of the beach, where you find the caves.


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