Top 10 Tourist Spots in Cebu City, Philippines

Preparing a trip to the Philippine’s Queen City of the South is pretty easy. Once you’ve decided on a hotel in Cebu City, the next thing you have to think about is what to see while there. You’ll be surprised at the number and variety of attractions you’ll find in this metropolis. So when you’re traveling to Cebu City, make sure the accommodation you choose keeps you close to these famous destinations:

1. Magellan’s Cross – This is said to be the wooden cross that the conqueror Magellan brought when the Spaniards first set foot in the country in 1521. It was planted on the site where Rajah Humabon, Queen Juana, and around 400 other followers were baptized into Christianity by Fr. Pedro Valderama.

2. Fort San Pedro – Built during the early times of the Spanish era, this site is considered the oldest tri-bastion fort in the Philippines. It boasts walls that are 20 ft in height and 8 ft thick, and towers that are 30 ft high from the ground level. Fort San Pedro served as fortification for the Japanese soldiers during World War II. At present, it houses the National Museum that features the San Diego shipwreck and Fort San Pedro diggings on display.

3. Casa Gorordo Museum – This was once the home of Juan Gorordo, the first Filipino bishop of Cebu. A tour inside the museum will take one back in time, as it showcases paintings, relics, and furniture that depict the lives of the Filipino elite between 1860 and 1920.


4. Basilica Minore del Santo Niño – Constructed in 1565, this church marked the site where the image of the Santo Niño, given by Magellan to Queen Juana some 40 years before, was found.

5. Taoist Temple – The temple contains and safeguards the teachings of Lao Tse, the 600 B.C. Chinese philosopher. People climb up its 81 steps, representing the 81 chapters of the Taoist scriptures, to light joss sticks, have their fortunes read, or simply bask in its soothing ambience.

6. University of San Carlos – Established by the Jesuits in 1565, the school, formerly the Colegio de San Ildefonso, is touted as the oldest school in the Philippines. Found within its premises is the University of San Carlos Museum, which houses 4 galleries of archeological and biological collections.

7. Capitol Building – This attracts travelers not only because it is the seat of the provincial government of Cebu, but also due to its architecture, which was based on the United States’ Capitol.

8. Colon Street – Named after Christopher Columbus, Colon Street is deemed as the oldest street in Cebu. The place is dotted with restaurants, cinemas, boutiques, and other business establishments.

9. Fuente Osmeña – Located at the heart of Cebu City, this remarkable circular park was named in honor of Sergio Osmeña, Jr., the second Commonwealth president.

10. Tops – Perched atop Busay Hills, Tops offers visitors a 360-degree vista of Cebu City and the neighboring islands of Mactan, Olango, and even Bohol. Because it is about 2,000 ft above sea level, the uphill climb can be pretty steep – but the sights one can enjoy will all worth it.

See, there are a lot of places in this marvelous metropolis that can truly enhance your vacation experience. So when you’re here, don’t just stay inside your hotel accommodation in Cebu City. Go ahead and explore!

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