A Guide to Touring Around Divilacan, Isabela, Philippines

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If you are planning for a holiday on the beach, then Divilacan, an island in the province of Isabela, Philippines, should be one of your choices of destination. Here, you can enjoy the sun without hurting your pocket and still won’t sacrifice the quality of the experience.

Dubbed as the Honeymoon Island, Divilacan is one of the most famous travel destinations in Isabela, which is also known as the Queen Province of the North.

How to get there?

Island at Divilacan Isabela Province Image source: FB page of ISABELA AKING PROBINSIYA

Island at Divilacan Isabela Province Image source: FB page of ISABELA AKING PROBINSIYA

Getting to Divilacan is inexpensive, yet it is one of the most beautiful places in the country. To see the secret paradise’s beaches and other tourist spots, you can book your flight at the Royal Air at Tuguegarao Airport or make reservations with Cyclone Airways at the Cauayan Airport going to Maconacon. The flight to this place will take you about 30 minutes. From here, you can then take a passenger jeepney or tricycle to Divilacan for just about 20 minutes.

You will also have the option to travel by boat. From the south, you can take public utility vehicles bound to Tuguegarao City. From here, you can then take a passenger van en route to San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan. The road trip will take you more than 3 hours to reach the port where you can take the boat to Maconacon or Divilacan, of which voyage will take other 10 hours of your whole trip.

Things to Do in Divilacan

The island destination boasts of a wide array of attractions, activities and sites travelers can enjoy. These include trekking, mountaineering, camping and exploration of the forest area covering not just Maconacon and Divilacan, but also Palanan and Dinapigue. You can also have a snorkeling or diving trip at Dicotcotan Beach.

Dicotcotan Beach Image source: www.cagayanvalley.com

Dicotcotan Beach Image source: www.cagayanvalley.com

For a nice trek, you can take the jeepney from Ilagan to Bintancan. From here, you can hike through the abandoned logging roads via the Abuan river for about 4 days to Barangay Sapinit.

Aside from these mentioned activities, there are still many things to enjoy in Divilacan, especially the famous Dicatian Mangrove Forest and Crocodile Sanctuary. To ensure you have a good itinerary, do not forget to coordinate your travel choices beforehand.

Visiting the Dicatian Mangrove Forest and Crocodile Sanctuary

Together with a tourism staff, you can take a “kuliglig” service and drive to the coast to reach the Dicatian Mangrove Forest. There you can sight-see this eerily beautiful place, and of the tide is on your side (it should be low), you can walk through several mangrove clusters, while marveling the scenery against its usually grey sky.

Near the mangrove forest is the lake, which is more known as the Crocodile Sanctuary. Here, the Mabuwaya Foundation is releasing young crocodiles. You can also check a tree house, where observers and researchers station themselves.

Image source: www.mabuwaya.org

Image source: www.mabuwaya.org

Where to stay?

There are many places where you can rest your head in Divilacan and make your stay more relaxing and comfortable. These include the Divilacan Tourist’s Pavilion, LGU Dormitory & Training Center and some homestays. There are actually many residents who are willing to offer their hospitality to tourists who want to experience life in this wonderful place.

For more useful information that you can use in your Divilacan trip, you can communicate to the LGU-Divilacan Tourism Information Center or visit the LGU Divilacan Sub-Office in Guinatan, Ilagan. Have fun and stay safe!

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