4 Food Trip Destinations in Cool and Cozy Tagaytay City

If you want to get a breath of fresh air and get away from hustle and bustle of the congested metro, there is a place, south of Manila where you can make your great escape: Tagaytay City. Only about a couple of hours drive from Metro Manila, Tagaytay is one of the cities in Cavite and has been a favorite destination for tourists, local and foreign for decades. While it is still known for adventure and sightseeing, it has also become a go-to place for foodies who want to satisfy their gastronomic cravings.

Here are some restaurants to check out if you are looking forward to food tripping in Tagaytay:

  1. Balay Dako

    Balay Dako Photo by: @balaydakotagaytay/Facebook Page
    Balay Dako Photo by:
    @balaydakotagaytay/Facebook Page

Opened in 2015, this restaurant is a buffet haven located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. They serve classic Tagaytay food as well as Filipino comfort food like “tuyo and champorado”, among others. If you are going here on a weekend, expect to wait to be seated because the house is always full of diners. They also serve Tinapa with Fried Rice, Brewed Coffee, Tapa, Home-made corned beef, Arrozcaldo. Perhaps, any Filipino breakfast food you can ever think of. They also serve Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata with the Lechon served with their very own Lechon sauce. Enjoy the food in Balay Dako any meal of the day since they also serve lunch and dinner.

  1. Sonya’s Garden

    Sonya's Garden Photo by: sonyasgarden.com
    Sonya’s Garden Photo by: sonyasgarden.com

Although there are already numerous bed and breakfast destinations in Tagaytay, Sonya’s Garden is still worth a visit. Situated in Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, you can enjoy great food, beautiful gardens and just explore the area whether on a romantic date or a get-together with friends. They serve meals ala carte and also offer overnight accommodation. Even the showers and the bathrooms are so serene and lovely that you will not only have a relaxing stay but also create unforgettable memories.

  1. Mahogany Market

If you are on a budget but still want to taste Tagaytay food, this is where you need to go to, the public market. Where else can you experience local food served with fresh vegetables but is not that expensive but in diners inside the market. Bulalo is popular in Tagaytay and if you try this in one of the stalls here in Mahogany Market, you do not have to pay more. Sip a hot bowl of beef broth and feast on different home-cooked Filipino dishes not in a fancy restaurant but in a cool and awesome food stall in the marketplace.

  1. Gourmet Farms

    Gourmet Farms Photo by: gourmetfarms.com
    Gourmet Farms Photo by: gourmetfarms.com

Aside from Baguio, Tagaytay is a place where you can buy the freshest fruits and vegetables because of its climate. This is also why a drive up to this city is worth it if you want to enjoy fresh salads, local produce and other vegetarian dishes you crave for. Located in Kilometer 52, Aguinaldo Highway, Gourmet Farms offer not only vegetable salads but also other healthy dishes in their menu like pizzas, sandwiches and kebabs.


Restaurant choices in the City of Tagaytay are unending and whether you do not have an itinerary if you go on a road trip, you will definitely not grow hungry. So, why not drive up this weekend and go on a food trip?

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