Top 7 Beautiful Beaches in Catanduanes

Beaches. These are some of the best things that the Philippines can offer tourists from around the globe. One some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country are on the island provice of Catanduanes. Here are some of them:


Batag Photo by:
Batag Photo by:

Bordered by coconut trees and amassing in hilly lands, Batag has the aura similar to the that of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. But the great beauty lies on its fine white sand and turquoise waters. Facing the mainland Bicol, visitors can take a glimpse of the breathtaking Mayon Volcano as well as the Bulusan Volcano. In here, you can explore the surrounding places by foot or by tricycle and private vehicle. You can also rent a boat to explore the rocky areas of the beach.

Kosta Alcantara

Kosta Alcantara Photo by:
Kosta Alcantara Photo by:

Nestled between two rocky places is Kosta Alcantara – the residence of the province’s former governor. He opened it to the public several years ago. It has a house that reflects on the elegance of the owner and the staff. It is surrounded with flowers, specifically orchids, whom the lady in the house personally tends to.


Mamangal Beach Photo by:
Mamangal Beach Photo by:

Mamangal’s long strech of sand continues to lure visitors to visit its unspoiled beauty. The beach, for one, is shaded with trees and is blessed with powdery white sands. The underwater scene makes it a must-visit place for scuba divers.

Anyone is welcome here, from families with children in tow to backpackers who want budget accommodation rates. Plus, it is ideal for those who seek extreme water adventures, such as scuba diving and snorkelling.


Surfing at Puraran Photo by:
Surfing at Puraran Photo by:

During the months of September and October, Puraran becomes the base for surfing activities. Advanced enthusiasts come here to surf the Majestics, the powerful wave that has made a name worldwide.

Twin Rock 

The beautiful Twin Rock got its name from two iconic rocks that likes of the Pacific Ocean near Virac’s Barangay Igang. With its gorgeous coves and sandy beaches, it is a great place for surfboarding, wind surfing, and surfing. Some people also go spear fishing here mainly because of its coral formations underwater.

However, one must know that swimming is prohibited in most areas. But there is nothing to worry about, as there are other activities in store for tourists; above-mentioned are just among them.

Pasa Tiempo

Another perfect destination for a day of relaxation is Pasa Tiempo. Although it doesn’t have the same white sandy beach as the others, but it is clean and ideal for swimming, fishing, and relaxing. Bring your family for a more unforgettable time.


Just by walking along the beach sands of Amenia allows people to enjoy their stay here. But that’s not all, of course. The beach exudes a splendid aura of a tropical yet laidback island, with its pristine waters, well-manicured landscape, and powdery sand. Most of all, the staff are warm and friendly.

Many people may have heard of Catanduanes as a typical provincial retreat destination, but not all know about the gorgeous beaches it offers. So, if you want to spend your next holiday seeing tall coconut trees on one side and crystal clear waters and white sand on the other, head out to Catanduanes, and get to choose from the beautiful beaches it has in store. Surely, you can find one that best suits your interests and expectations.

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