Experiencing Badian’s Famous Water Treasures

Nestled at the southwest of Cebu, the Municipality of Badian is bounded by the Municipality of Moalboal on the north and Municipality of Alegria in the south. Two of the most popular local and tourist spots in the town are the Kawasan Falls and Badian Island Resort and Spa.

Majestic Kawasan Waterfalls


Kawasan Falls Photo by: RURO photography
Kawasan Falls Photo by: RURO photography

Located in Barangay Matutinao, the Kawasan Falls is a famous day tour destination in the province. It is icy cold yet refreshing. Take a plunge into this must-visit place in Badian and experience pure fun with your family and friends.

How to get there?

Kawasan Falls Photo by: Commons
Kawasan Falls Photo by: Commons

You must take a two-hour ride via Ceres Bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal. Inform the driver first to drop you off at Kawasan Waterfalls jump off point. Before going to Badian, you will pass by the City of Carcar, Municipality of Barili and Dumanjug.

Once you arrived, you need to hike for at least 1.5KM of their semi concreted road to reach the waterfalls. A church on the left side serves as the landmark going to the place. There is an available parking area in front of the church for your convenience. Locals also put up some shops at the side of the road so you can shop for souvenir items.

Badian Island Resort and Spa


Beach view with Kayaks, Badian Island Resort & Spa Photo by:
Beach view with Kayaks, Badian Island Resort & Spa Photo by:

Another go-to place in the city is the Badian Island Resort and Spa. This property caters to both locals and tourists for business and leisure. It is only a 2.5-hour drive from Cebu International Airport.  The resort has an 8-hectare landscaped garden, composed of a private sandy beach at the lagoon and a private beach at the Coral Garden. It offers suites with private balcony, sea and mountain view.

Sushi arrangement at the Badian Island Resort & Spa Photo by:
Sushi arrangement at the Badian Island Resort & Spa Photo by:

Guests can take advantage of wellness pavilions as well as health and beauty baths featuring its famous “seaweed massage” at the Badehaus. They can also gain access to Panorama restaurant and bar; beach and poolside dinner facilities; folklore evenings and late night parties. Asian and International exquisite cuisine are being served here.


Dolphin watching, Badian Island Resort & Spa Photo
Dolphin watching, Badian Island Resort & Spa Photo

For more fun-filled activities, the resort allows guests to enjoy snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. They can also join in the Pleasure Yacht Dolphina, anchored in Badian Bay , for island hopping, dolphin watching and bay cruising.

What’s more? There are also Hobby cat, jet blast, aqua cycle and banana boat escapades. The company can also arrange for a Kawasan waterfalls tour, town and village tours, orchid garden tour, picnics, glass- bottom boat tour to coral reefs, sunset cruising, windsurfing, playing sports, and even parlor games.

How to get there?

Same with the directions going to the Kawasan Falls, you need to travel from Cebu City proper going to Badian. The resort is located by the sea, set on a private beach within a short distance of Zaragosa Port, Zaragosa Beach, and 3-hole Golf Course. Area attractions also include Pescador Island.

At Badian, it doesn’t have to be summer to experience the pristine, white beach and cool waterfalls. This piece of paradise, always gives you a sure-fire way to turn an ordinary day into something extraordinary like no other!

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