Inambakan Falls: Nature’s Gift to Ginatilan, Cebu

Many of us enjoy the company of nature’s wonders and find awe in the beautiful bounty given to us here on earth. The Philippines is quite lucky to have most of these treasures, and one of which was placed in the town of Ginatilan, Cebu – the Inambakan Falls.

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Ginatilan a municipality situated in the Southwest part of Cebu, and is famous for being the hometown of the second Filipino saint, St. Pedro Calungsod. Most people visit the place because of their devotion to the saint and their love for nature.

And what is it really with Inambakan Falls? A lot actually. If curiosity got the better of you, then you should read on. Inambakan Falls is just one among the many waterfalls found in the Philippines. But what makes it so unique is the fact that it is called the hidden treasure of Ginatilan, which means, not a lot of people have gone there yet.

How to Get There


From Cebu City, you can take vans for hire or buses to get to the town of Ginatilan. Travel time can take 4-5 hours, depending on the traffic. Once you arrive, look for a tricycle or multicab that agrees in taking you there for a fair price. The falls is located 3.9 kilometers from the town center, and can be reached by small private vehicles. The road to the falls is a bit tricky, which poses a danger to those who are unfamiliar with it. If you don’t want problems along the way, it is best to hire a local driver who knows the path so well.

The multicab will eventually stop at a certain drop-off, since the road is smaller this time. You will need to trek to the falls for approximately five minutes. Nature lovers will surely get excited with the scenery along the way. The river starts appearing in a few minutes during the trek, and the path is surrounded by lush greens and coconut trees. By this time, you will hear the rustling sound of water from afar. Not long, the waterfalls will appear in front of you.

When going to the waters, it is important to stay alert for jagged stones and slippery rocks. The last thing you’d probably want during your visit here is getting injured or stabbed by rough rocks. It is also important to take precautionary measures when swimming. If you have lifevests, wear them before going into the water. Although there are some parts that are just shallow, it is wise to be cautious, especially if you have children who don’t know how to swim.

How to Enjoy the Stay

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Just being with nature makes the travel all worth the while. But nothing still compares to taking a plunge into the cold waters of Inambakan. You can also trek to into the cliff and see the view of the river from above. It surely is not hard to find enjoyment in this piece of wonder from Mother Nature.

Small cottages are available for those who fancy staying there for a couple of hours. Since the place is not yet developed, there aren’t any hotels here, unfortunately. But worry not, as the town center offers cozy places to stay for the night. Some neighboring towns like Alegria, Alcoy and Badian also have accommodation options from which to choose.

It is true; there is no wonder why people dub Inambakan Falls as Ginatilan’s hidden treasure. It has remained untouched by the modernities of life, which makes it suitable for those who fancy an unforgettable and peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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