Scream Worthy Ziplining Attractions in Davao

Many nature lovers and adventurers travel to southern Mindanao for a chance to encounter the Philippine eagle(Pithecophaga jefferyi). This majestic flier can be found in a conservation facility located southwest of Davao del Sur’s main city. Here, the land gently slopes upward in anticipation of Mount Talomo, and further in the distance, the famous Mount Apo.

These days, visitors to the region can do more than marvel at the “king of birds” swooping up and down in the air. They can get in on the action too!

The zipline is currently soaring in popularity among Davaoeños and tourists alike. A kind of thrill ride, the participant is required to wear a harness that’s attached to a cable. Once strapped in, he or she then zips down to the other end. Apart from feeling that cool breeze, the brave souls who try it out are treated to panoramic views of hilly back-country, rugged terrain or bright blue sea (Davao Gulf).

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Wait until you learn about the options available. Yes, there are a few of them. After all, this place isn’t the “Zip Line Capital of the Southern Philippines” for nothing.


Here’s a list of our favorites:

  • Zip City

Matina, a district in Davao City, is the home of Zip City. This premier zip line attraction can be found at the Hilltop, in Barangay Langub. One of the country’s longest ziplines, its 320 meters long and boasts great views of Mount Apo and Davao Gulf.

Before you can get to the launch area, you’ll have to stop at a lower platform where you’ll be outfitted with the necessary gear. Once that’s done, another ladder has to be climbed. After that, there’s a spiral staircase with two landings. The second one is where riders start off.

Safety is also a top priority at this leisure facility. All of the equipment used here has passed International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation standards. Furthermore, the crew members are professional and are quite helpful to their customers.

Zip City is open from Wednesday to Monday. Rates start at 300 PHP and may be inclusive of food.

Zip City
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  • Eden Nature Park

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be riding a bicycle while suspended in mid-air? Eden Nature Park’s newest crowd drawer is aptly named the Skycycle. It allows you to ride bike that’s on a metal wire (not a tight rope, thank goodness) that’s strung 60 feet above the ground. This awesome ride is priced at 300 php. Add an extra hundred and you can try their standard zipline known as the Skyrider.

  • Outland Adventure

For Superman fans out there, there’s a super fast zipline in Davao called the Xcelerator. Considered the fastest in Asia (70-120 kph), it boasts of a 1.1 kilometer course that’s divided into two sections. The first one is 500 meters and the second is 600 meters. Getting to the first jump off point entails a ride 10-15 ride. Your initial ride at point A will then be followed by a short trek to point B.

This 500 php experience allows ziplining in three positions. You can be seated or, if you’re daring enough, do the ride upside down (they call it inverted). And finally, for all Clark Kent fans out there, the Superman.

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