InterCaribbean Expands Flights in Barbados, Guyana, and Windward Islands

InterCaribbean Airways is expanding its flight network in the Caribbean with additional aircraft and flights to Barbados, Guyana, and the Windward Islands. With the addition of new flight schedules, passengers will have greater access to more destinations throughout the region.

The addition of a second Embraer 145 Jet and an ATR42-500 series turboprop with a seating capacity of 50 and 48 seats, respectively, brings interCaribbean’s fleet of aircraft serving routes to Barbados and the Windward Islands to five.

With a larger fleet, interCaribbean is now able to offer additional schedule options, enhanced intraregional travel, and enhanced connectivity between the islands.

The number of flights to and from Barbados will double, with more nonstop flights to St. Vincent and Grenada increasing accessibility to these destinations. interCaribbean is also introducing new nonstop flights between St. Vincent and St. Lucia in order to facilitate quick connections between these two destinations.


The new schedule provides twice-weekly service from Georgetown and Barbados through Antigua to Providenciales (Turks and Caicos), with connections to Nassau, Bahamas, Havana, Cuba, and Kingston, Jamaica.

The airline is committed to increasing services in the Eastern Islands of the Caribbean according to its founder and chairman, Lyndon Gardiner. It plans to continue the decommissioning of older aircraft while adding numerous newer ones in 2023, boosting its customer service, scheduling flexibility, and passenger comfort and convenience.

[Source: interCaribbean Airways Press Release]

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