DOT, IDMI to launch Fun Kiosks

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has partnered with Illuminate Dynamic Media, Inc. (IDMI) in promoting the country’s various destinations through the installation of digital information kiosks at strategic locations in Metro Manila. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed on March 26, 2013, which provides for the identification of critical sites by the DOT, while IDMI will take responsibility of the deployment, installation, and maintenance of these facilities.

These digital tourist information kiosks are set to be deployed at highly visible places such as airports, hotels, malls, bus terminals, MRT, and LRT stations to cater to the travel needs of both local and international tourists for quick, round-the-clock information about local business services, accommodations, places of interest, foreign exchange rates, and emergency telephone numbers. There is also a what-to-do list section where one can get the latest information on events, mall sales, and bazaars going on in the area. It will also include a device charger, digital photo booth, and WiFi zone. With this welcome innovation, first-time travelers to the Philippines will now find it easier to access information about the country.

“Tourism has undoubtedly become everybody’s business. We are grateful that the government and private sector are investing in tourism with optimism and confidence. We welcome this new public-private partnership with IDMI, in spreading and sustaining the fun in traveling around Metro Manila, and soon all over the country,” Secretary of Tourism Ramon R. Jimenez Jr. said.

Secretary Jimenez added that these digital tourist information kiosks contribute significantly to the goal of creating seamless travel around the Philippines. “This is what 21st century tourism is all about: fast, easy, and convenient travel information. Hopefully, these high-tech tourism officers will not only further add that charm to our airports, bus terminals, train stations, but also become a source of pride for us as a people of ingenuity and innovation,” the tourism chief concluded.


According to IDMI president and CEO Michael Aguilar, the project initially intends to cover Metro Manila before going nationwide. IDMI is also eyeing to build 500 kiosks over time. “We are very happy to join hands with the DOT in revolutionizing information dissemination. IDMI has been an active player in the advertising field,” said Aguilar. Aimed at engaging people, these digital tourist information kiosks are “perfect examples of Filipino hospitality—ready to help the traveling public and inform everyone of what the Philippines has to offer,” Mr. Aguilar added.

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