Explore the Diving and Snorkeling Sites of Mindanao

With more than 7,000 islands in the Phiippine Archipelago, it is not surprising that our country is endowed with beautiful beaches and bodies of water for travelers and adventurers to explore. In Mindanao alone, there are already scuba diving and snorkeling destinations to discover. While tourists will mostly hear about Cebu, Boracay and Palawan, there are other places awaiting to be experienced and enjoyed by visitors.

If you are planning a scuba diving trip to Mindanao, here are some destinations for divers and snorkelers to try:

  1. Coral Garden, Camiguin
    Coral Garden Photo by: Vearthy/Wikimedia Commons
    Coral Garden Photo by: Vearthy/Wikimedia Commons

In Camiguin alone, there is a myriad of underwater destinations to consider. Enjoy diving and snorkeling in this part of Mindanao where visibility is good between 10 and 30 meters with the average depth at 20 meters or 65.6 feet. This is perfect for all levels of divers. Some marine life to see include colorful fishes, sea cucumbers and anemone fishes. The presence of Mandarin fish, sea snakes at night fall as well as corals and soft shells make Coral Garden perfect for a night dive. It is also interesting to note that there are seven volcanoes in Camiguin that gave the place its interesting shape due to eruptions. By the way, the diving site type is sandy reef slope.

  1. The Wreck, Dakak

If you want a beach as beautiful as Boracay but smaller and not as crowded, this part in Mindanao is one of the places to visit. This is for more experienced divers as you will have the chance to explore a sunken passenger liner that has met its fate seven years ago as it sunk at a depth of 180 feet with 130 feet as its highest point. Here, you will encounter schools of fish, such as red, black and white snappers as well as groupers and jacks.

  1. Punta Bilar, Surigao

Situated along the marine protected area in Punta Bilar, Northern part of Mindanao, the marine sanctuary stretches up to three kilometers. What is nice about this dive site is that they offer lessons and certifications for first-time divers. Coral reefs are in good condition and the site is a sanctuary to thousands of coral species and other organisms such as sea crawler slugs, clowns, trumpets, large needlefish and star puffers.

  1. Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort
    Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort Photo by:
    Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat and Dive Resort Photo by:

Located in Mambadjao, this is a relatively new dive spot since this was established in 2012. You can have a choice of accommodation types, from villas to cottages. What is great about this place is that you will not only enjoy diving but also great food and a relaxing retreat. Marine life includes Anemone fishes, Octupus, Barracuda, Moray and Ribbon eels, sea snakes and turtles. Other activities to enjoy are snorkeling, hiking and yoga. In fact, you will find no reason to leave the place unless for underwater exploration and sightseeing.

Mindanao is the second largest of the three main islands in the Philippines and when you travel to any of the parts of the region, there are diving sites and snorkeling spots to check out.

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