Balanga, Bataan: A Charming Beauty Like No Other

Only a few islands in the Philippine archipelago have the historic charm that Bataan evokes. More than that, the province is an attractive location for those who might want to enjoy a fun-filled holiday. One of the cities that make Bataan great is the city of Balanga. Basically, it is mainly a residential-agricultural city. But what makes Balanga a unique attraction is still a mystery to some. Here is a list of the main reasons why many consider it an alluring destination.

List of Attractions and Festivals

Balanga Cathedral

Formally known as the St Joseph Cathedral, the Balanga Cathedral is the center of the Diocese of Balanga which comprises entirely the civil province of Bataan.

Balanga Cathedral Photo by: Ramon FVelasquez/Wikimedia Commons
Balanga Cathedral Photo by: Ramon FVelasquez/Wikimedia Commons

Ibong Dayo Festival


The new Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park is the work of the City Government of the city. During the Ibong Dayo Festival, the city will host a wetland and nature park for local and foreign visitors to enjoy.

This is also where the migratory birds go. Such birds include little to large egrets, great-crested tern, gray plover, heron, black-winged stilt, whiskered tern, shank, and six other great-crested tern.

Plaza Mayor de Balanga Fountain

During the night, the Plaza Mayor de Balanga shines colorfully with the lighted fountains all over the City Hall. The façade of the City Hall has also been lighted during the night making it an effortless complement to the lighted plaza.

Plaza Mayor de Balanga Fountain Photo by: Jepoic/Wikimedia Commons
Plaza Mayor de Balanga Fountain Photo by: Jepoic/Wikimedia Commons

Plaza Hotel Balanga

When it comes to unique experience, the Plaza Hotel in Balanga offers an old-world charm making it an architectural icon. Basically, the hotel shows an impressive façade that has been rooted from the Spanish colonial architecture. Likewise, the presence of decorative interiors had been mixed with contemporary design.

For those who have not visited Balanga should rejoice as finally the Plaza Hotel offers 34 rooms furnished stylishly with flat screen televisions and WiFi. Rooms are also capable of handling corporate meetings or events and as function rooms.

Primarily a fishing village, this island village depends on the fishing industry as their means of livelihood. Upon harvesting, the harvests either go to the market to be sold or being processed to be made to fish sauce or smoke fish.

Basically, the local community shares the resources with the local and migratory birds. The roosting and feeding grounds are the mangroves and the mudflat to be excellent for water birds and waders.

Bataan World War II Museum

Next to the Surrender Site Monument in Balanga City is the Bataan World War II Museum. This is the only museum in Bataan found at the rear end of the Balanga Integrated School, which served as headquarters of the Japanese General Masaharu Homma.

Getting to Balanga can be difficult, but it is much easier if you have prior knowledge about the basic routes going into the city. First off, if you come from Manila, you need to follow 2 major roads, namely the Roman Superhighway and the National Road. Secondly, this can be reached by following the Orion Port through a ferry service. It will then be followed by a short drive to Balanga from Orion around 15 minutes.


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