Almeria: A Small Area in the Wonder that Is Biliran

Who knew that at its size Biliran packs in a lot of wonder? Covering 536.01 square kilometers, it’s the fourth smallest province in the Philippines. It lies off the northern coast of Leyte. The province has eight municipalities and Almeria is one of them.

Biliran is a gift for nature lovers and the town of Almeria features some really breathtaking attractions.

Attractions in Almeria

In Biliran you’ll find a combination of lush mountains, numerous waterfalls and beautiful beaches. While there are 10 accessible waterfalls in the province, some are still waiting to be discovered. Of the ten, there are a couple in Almeria, and these are:

  • Ulan-Ulan Falls – considered one of the most beautiful in Biliran, this falls is about 90 meters high with water flowing through greenery and rock, creating a rain-like effect. It takes a 30-minute trek to reach Ulan-Ulan.

    Ulan-Ulan Falls Photo by:
    Ulan-Ulan Falls Photo by:
  • Recoletos Falls – you’ll get here if you venture further up from Ulan-Ulan. While not as pretty as Ulan-Ulan, Recoletos is great for swimming.

    Recoletos Falls Photo by:
    Recoletos Falls Photo by:
  • Rice Terraces – that’s right, you don’t have to travel way up north to get a glimpse of these wonders. Biliran is surrounded by mountains so it’s not a wonder that some slopes have been turned into terraces.
  • Agta Beach – this is where you go to see beautiful sunsets. Located in Talahid, the resort here offers accommodation and also has a restaurant. If you’re adventurous enough, there are island hopping options from the beach: you can visit Capiñahan and Dalutan islands are two of those you can visit.
  • Almeria Church – built with the help of the money that townspeople offered, this is a small church but it’s got quite the story. The church is about 25 minutes away from Naval Port.

    Almeria Church Photo by:
    Almeria Church Photo by:

Other Biliran Attactions

While you’re in Biliran , why not take time to explore its other wonders. Here’s a couple of the best ones:

  • Dalutan Island – accessible from Agta Beach, this island is great for scuba diving.
  • Higatangan Island – about 45 minutes away, this island is known for its shifting sandbar and rock formations.
  • Sambawan Island – an hour away from Dalutan, the water here is crystal clear and is great for scuba diving.

How to Get to Almeria

By Air

Biliran doesn’t have an airport but you can fly to Tacloban. From there, you can take a van to the port of Naval, the capital of the province; travel time is about two and a half hours. From Naval, you can hire a habal-habal (motorbike) to take you around the province.


By land

The easiest land route to Biliran is via Tacloban. Get on a van bound for Naval. The travel time is about two and a half hours.

Getting Around

Just like many provinces in the Philippines, the best ways to get around are through sikad (pedicab), jeepney, multicab or tricycle. Of course, there’s the habal-habal option as well.

When you’re looking for a nature adventure in the Eastern Visayas region, head to Biliran Island. Yes, it may seem remote but the wonders that greet you there will be worth the trip.

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