A Guide to Touring Around Divilacan, Isabela, Philippines

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[Updated 3/30/2018] If you are planning for a holiday on the beach, then Divilacan in the province of Isabela, Philippines, should be one of your choices of destination. Here, you can enjoy the sun, lay down to your heart’s content and visit different attractions the place has to offer.

Divilacan, which in the Dumagat language literally means “where fish and shells abound” is definitely one of the most interesting travel destinations in Isabela, which is also known as the Queen Province of the North.

Divilacan photos from Isabela Tourism Office

How to get there?

[Updated 3/30/2018 from info provided by JK T. of Isabela Tourism Office]

*** Note that cost/fees are estimated and can change. Please do your due diligence in verifying actual cost with respective service providers when planning your travel.

  1. By Air 

Option A

Air Travel via North Sky Air, 11 Seater Airplane

1) Book a North Sky Flight from Tuguegarao Airport, Cagayan –> Moconacon Airport, Isabela {estimated travel time -> 20 to 25 minutes}

Estimated Air Fare: P2,600/pax with 5kg extra baggage

2) Continue by land from Maconacon Airport to Divilacan {estimated travel time -> 20 to 25 minutes}

Estimated Land Fare (pick one mode of transportation from below):

Single Motor – 100php/Pax

Tricycle – 100php/Pax

Kuliglig -20php/pax

Option B

Air Travel via Cyclone Airways, 3-6 Seater Airplane

1) Fly via Cyclone Airways from Cauayan Airport, Isabela to Maconacon Airport {estimated travel time -> 20 to 25 minutes}

Estimated Air Fare: P2,600/pax with 5kg extra baggage.

2) Continue by land from Maconacon Airport to Divilacan {estimated travel time -> 20 to 25 minutes}

Estimated Land Fare (pick one mode of transportation from below):

Single Motor – 100php/Pax

Tricycle – 100php/Pax

Kuliglig -20php/pax

2. By Boat

a) Catch a ride on boats from San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan going to Maconacon, Isabela {estimated travel time -> 8 to 10 hours}

Estimated Boat Fare: P500/pax.

b) Continue by land from Maconacon port to Divilacan {estimated travel time -> 20 to 25 minutes}

Estimated Land Fare (pick one mode of transportation from below):

Single Motor – 100php/Pax

Tricycle – 100php/Pax

Kuliglig -20php/pax


Things to Do in Divilacan

The island destination boasts of a wide array of attractions, activities and sites travelers can enjoy. These include trekking, mountaineering, camping and exploration of the forest area covering not just Maconacon and Divilacan, but also Palanan and Dinapigue. You can also have a snorkeling or diving trip at Dicotcotan Beach.

Dicotcotan Beach Image source: www.cagayanvalley.com

Dicotcotan Beach Image source: www.cagayanvalley.com

For a nice trek, you can take the jeepney from Ilagan to Bintancan. From here, you can hike through the abandoned logging roads via the Abuan river for about 4 days to Barangay Sapinit.

Aside from these mentioned activities, there are still many things to enjoy in Divilacan, especially the famous Dicatian Mangrove Forest and Crocodile Sanctuary. To ensure you have a good itinerary, do not forget to coordinate your travel choices beforehand.

Visiting the Dicatian Mangrove Forest and Crocodile Sanctuary

Together with a tourism staff, you can take a “kuliglig” service and drive to the coast to reach the Dicatian Mangrove Forest. There you can sight-see this eerily beautiful place, and of the tide is on your side (it should be low), you can walk through several mangrove clusters, while marveling the scenery against its usually grey sky.

Near the mangrove forest is the lake, which is more known as the Crocodile Sanctuary. Here, the Mabuwaya Foundation is releasing young crocodiles. You can also check a tree house, where observers and researchers station themselves.

Image source: www.mabuwaya.org

Image source: www.mabuwaya.org

Where to stay?

There are many places where you can rest your head in Divilacan and make your stay more relaxing and comfortable. These include the Divilacan Tourist’s Pavilion, LGU Dormitory & Training Center and some homestays. There are actually many residents who are willing to offer their hospitality to tourists who want to experience life in this wonderful place.

For more useful information that you can use in your Divilacan trip, you can communicate to the LGU-Divilacan Tourism Information Center or visit the LGU Divilacan Sub-Office in Guinatan, Ilagan.

Have fun and stay safe!

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34 Responses to A Guide to Touring Around Divilacan, Isabela, Philippines

  1. Jb says:

    Ilang oras po from cauayan to this island?

  2. Carlo angelo ocampo says:

    Hi I”m carlo angelo ocampo from rizal province..i would
    Like to visit divilacan..

    Do u think,how would it cost me to get there for 5 days

    • ron au says:

      hi Carlo,

      if you are coming from manila to cauayan by bus it will cost you less than 600/way. you can take cebu pac fr mla to cauayan from 1k with return that is when you buy the airtix during sale. stay and meals in maco/divilacan is not that expensive.your 2k is enough for five days.

  3. Carlo angelo ocampo says:

    *how much

  4. michigan says:

    Hi! Do you have contact number of LGU-Divilacan Tourism Information Center?

  5. nathan says:

    did you have any idea how much the cost of a cyclone plane from cauayan to maconacon? me and my friends planning to go there for about 1 to 2 weeks…

  6. Anne says:

    How much po ung airfare sa cyclone airways. How much din po budget? I want to go po kasi. Solo flight po please pm me thanks

    • Nicolle Subido says:

      Hi Anne! Solo flight din. Gusto ko din pumunta. Wanna join force? Hehehe. Contact me ASAP. 09753553224

  7. Carlotta says:

    i would like to go from Palanan to Divilacan and sllep in a Agta village next December. Can u help me?

  8. Jaybee Cabanilla says:

    Anu anong mga hotel ang malapit po Jan ?

  9. Carlotta says:

    Can u speak english?

  10. Jo says:

    Inquire po kayo sa AIR 2go Travel and Tours ko for booking, joiners are welcome. Tel# 3233442 or 09260326031

  11. Rowena San Juan says:

    How long would it take going to Maconacon from port?
    And how the the boat rental going there?
    Thank you po.

  12. Rowena San Juan says:

    I mean port to the island?

  13. Naomi Bareno says:

    1.How much fare by boat Cauayan to Divilican?
    2.Where is the port in Cauayan Isabela?
    3 How much cost of Expenses for 3 days.
    4.Any number to contact going to this place.

    • Roxanne Gem says:

      Hi.. You can only fly from Cauayan to Maconacon Airport in Isabela or by land i think. Im not yet sure if the road going to Divilacan is already passable. I haven’t been there personally but i read a comment above. They say 2,000 pesos is enough budget for 5 days stay including accomodation. Try liking LGU Divilacan page on fb maybe you can get more info about this place through their page.

    • Roxanne Gem says:

      Yay. this post was written 3 years ago. You might wanna increase your budget a little.

  14. xyra mae pugong says:

    Ilang hours po ba kapag sa santiago city to divilacan?

  15. kristine says:

    ilang oras po from Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya to this island? by car.

  16. Gene cruz says:

    Hi pede na po ba dumaan sa road from ilagan to divilacan

  17. Rd Cruz says:

    Ano po ang means of transportation from Palanan to Divilacan?

  18. Rene says:

    Greggays Place Resort and Spa nice place to stay in Maconacon..Bago lang

  19. Czharina says:

    Hi okay lang ba if were going to sleep in a tent ask ko lang po kung may payment pa po sya

  20. Roy B Causing says:

    Just Sharing my 7 days Unforettable Bikepacking in Divilacan, Palanan Isabela..


  21. Anthony Atinto says:

    Ilang oras po biyahe from Solano Nueva Vizcaya?

  22. Leo says:

    hi, great blog! meron po kayo contact number ng tourism office nila? thanks! 🙂

  23. ROI says:

    2019? ANYONE?

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