4 Things to Do When You Visit Lake Butig National Park

Are you planning to spend your holiday in Lanao del Sur? If your answer is “Yes”, make sure to drop by Lake Butig National Park! Located in the town of Butig and near the Butig Mountain Range, this 68-hectare park is one of the hidden gems in the province that should definitely be at the top of your Must-Visit list. By taking the time to visit the lake, you’ll get to:

Enjoy the cool climate

Lanao del Sur, like the rest of the Philippines, can get hot and sultry especially during summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with the heat when you visit Lake Butig National Park. It lies half a kilometer above sea level, and this elevation gives the area a cool and relaxing atmosphere. So, if you find the weather unbearable and feel the need to plunk yourself in front of the air-conditioning unit, drive up to Lake Butig to breathe in its fresh, invigorating air and feel the heat slide off.

Many of the locals also climb up to the lake when the heat becomes too much to bear. As a result, you’ll get to meet and interact with them when you visit the park, listen to their stories about the Butig and Lanao del Sur in general, and even make new friends!

Duck and ducklings by the lake Photo: Creative Commons
Duck and ducklings by the lake Photo: Creative Commons

Relax in the beauty of nature

Lake Butig National Park is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and forests, all of which combine to create a breathtaking ambiance. If you’re a nature lover, the views will definitely inspire you and revitalize your energy. Not really a huge nature fan? Don’t worry: the scenery is beautiful and attractive enough to take your stress away, recharge your batteries (so to speak), and leave you feeling refreshed.

Observe the local flora and fauna

Philippine hornbill Image source: Magalhães/Creative Commons
Philippine hornbill Image source: Magalhães/Creative Commons

Lake Butig National Park may not be a bird watchers’ paradise but, if you love observing birds in their natural habitat, you’ll still find plenty of species in the area to spark your interest. Some of the species you’ll see include parrots, wild ducks, hornbills, and woodpeckers. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll also love the fact that you can see Philippine deer and Philippine monkeys in the park. Of course, you can’t ignore the wild pigs, which have made the area their home.

Explore nearby attractions

The park is a fantastic attraction all by itself, but you don’t to limit yourself to it  since you can explore other sights in the vicinity. One of the places you should check out is Mount Makaturing, a nearby volcano which rises almost 2,000 meters above sea level. It’s part of the Central Mindanao Arc, and scientists speculate that it last erupted in 1882.

Mount Makaturing Image source: Nayef Yunus/Creative Commons
Mount Makaturing Image source: Nayef Yunus/Creative Commons

These are just some of the things you can enjoy when you visit Lake Butig National Park. Don’t worry since reaching the park is easy! If you’re starting your trip from Marawi City, you can take the Lake Lanao Circumferential Road to the municipality of Butig. The journey spans around 30 to 50 kilometers, so make sure to prepare for your trip accordingly. Pack bottles of water as well as lots of snacks so you and your travel companions will stay full and hydrated throughout the journey. If you’re visiting the park in the evening, don’t forget to bring a jacket so you can stay warm if the area gets too chilly for comfort.

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