Manila Clearing Operations – Vloggers To Watch

Change is Coming! Change ISKOming! There is excitement and awe among Filipinos around the world especially among OFWs and immigrants abroad. These clearing operations in Manila are probably one of the most watched videos in YouTube by Filipinos abroad. Manila is undergoing transformation under the very dynamic leadership of Mayor Isko Moreno and his team. And, it’s happening right before our very eyes. Much thanks to these vloggers!

As the saying, “Where Manila goes, the whole country follows”. It all started with the cleaning of Divisoria (probably the hardest to clear part of Manila) and will continue and cover every barangays of the city. Heck, the whole country has followed when the President (inspired by what is happening in Manila) came out with an order for the whole country to do the same.

If you’d like to see the clearing and cleaning of Manila as the city transforms itself, go to YouTube and visit the vloggers below. They are there where the action is happening. Subscribe to their channels and Enjoy!

1. Papapau

Papapau - Manila Clearing Operation

Papapau’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 119K


Papapau is probably the most genial of all the vloggers. It’s quite nice watching his videos and he’s known as the ‘purong pagmamahal’ guy.

2. KaYouTubero

KaYouTubero - Clearing Operations Manila

KaYouTubero’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 69.5K

I like a lot KaYouTubero’s quirky comments and fast uploads,

3. Miz July

Miz July - Clearing Operations videos

Miz July’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 18.8K

I’d say, along with Papapau and KaYouTubero, Miz July forms the triumvirate of dependently consistent vloggers on Manila clearing operations.

4. Engr. berto

Engr. Berto - Manila's Clearing

Engr. Berto’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 50.6K

5. Bakasyun ni Juan

Bakasyun ni Juan

Bakasyun ni Juan’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 23.9K

6. Neb Andro

Manila Clearing Operations - Vloggers To Watch

Neb Andro’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 21.8K

More than clearing operations, Neb also covers ongoing improvement projects of the City of Manila.

7. Dada Koo

Manila Clearing Operations - Vloggers To Watch

Dada Koo’s Channel : Number of Subscribers (as of this writing) : 97.8K

Dada also covers clearing operation in other parts of Metro Manila.

Let’s support the vloggers

Hindi biro ang tipo ng vlog na ginagawa ng mga vloggers na nagko-cover ng clearing operations. Kaharap nila ang pollution, debris, dust, ulan at yung super-init ng araw. Dagdag mo pa yung mga ibang galit na taong negatively na na-apektuhan ng paglilinis.

In addition, these vloggers help record what is transpiring during the clearing operations. It makes the operation more transparent to everyone involved. Transparency is really important as their videos serve as evidence that the government is treating everyone equally and intently enforcing the rule of law. May gobyerno na sa Manila. Also, potential rumors and misinformation by political opponents (trapos) are quashed and nipped in the bud this way.

Furthermore, Filipinos abroad can see a different face of Manila (and the country). One that is striving to be progressive and positively transforming itself into the place that its people deserve . It makes everyone proud and gives hope that if we really want to, we can really make meaningful change.

How can we help support the vloggers?

Let’s make sure that the vloggers can make a good living out of their YouTube channels. To our readers, especially our fellow Filipinos living abroad (our main source of site traffic here), when we watch their YouTube videos, please do NOT skip the ads or use adblockers. Ad views from North America (as well as Europe) will earn them more than ad views from the Philippines. Hope this isn’t asking too much from you.

Also, subscribe to their channels and make comments. Thank them and actively engage with them via comments. I’m sure they get inspired to produce more content if they know that a lot of people appreciate what they’re doing.

What’s Next?

Manila’s clearing operations are just the start. The good mayor and his team has just started. There are a lot more things to do to bring Manila to its rightful place of glory. We should help . It’s not just up to the mayor but to everyone to do their share no matter how tiny. Let’s do it! Manila God First!

Do you know of other vloggers covering Manila clearing operations?
Please comment below and join the conversation.

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5 thoughts on “Manila Clearing Operations – Vloggers To Watch”

  1. I like Papapau’s personality. Sa lahat ng vloggers na nakalista, sya yung mas pinapanood ko. Pero Ok naman lahat sila. Salamat sa lahat sa pag-cover ng mga clearings.

  2. As a Pinoy immigrant here in Canada who hails from Tondo, I’m really proud of the new Manila mayor, Isko Moreno. Thanks to all the vloggers above. Without them, we won’t be able to see the many great things that is happening in the city I was born.

  3. Hopefully, you can do an interview with any of the vloggers above in the future. Interested in knowing them a little.

    – Janice from Brisbane

  4. I like Neb Andro as a vlogger .. good voice … simple lang tsaka parang mabait .. more power to everyone! I support all of you at salamat

    – Toper from New Mexico


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