4 Top Zoos to Explore in Luzon

The island of Luzon is the largest of all the islands in the Philippines, with a land area of 108,688 kilometers. Located at the northern part of the archipelago, it consists of 30 provinces, including Manila. With more than half of the population residing in Luzon, it is but natural for it to have numerous places of interest. Here, we will explore the most popular zoos in Luzon.

  1. Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden

Perhaps, one of the most widely known and oldest zoos in the city of Manila, this zoo is commonly called the Manila Zoo. Already considered a landmark in the city, this favorite place of locals and tourists had been in existence since 1959. Despite the criticisms it received years ago, it has already been the home for more than 832 animals from different species  and the people behind its operations are continuously restoring and improving the place. Some of the birds and animals that can be found here are the Egret, Stork, elephant, tiger, Catalina parrot, and the Rufous hornbill.

A tiger in Manila Zoo Photo by: Teamjonalynviray/CC
A tiger in Manila Zoo Photo by: Teamjonalynviray/CC
  1. Ninoy Aquino Parks and Widllife Center

This 65-hectare tourist destination is a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located in the heart of Quezon City, this park and wildlife center was named after the late Benigno S. Aquino, a politician whose death triggered the world famous “People’s Revolution” that overthrew the dictatorship of then president, Ferdinand Marcos. What’s great about this place is that this is not only a zoo but also a place for relaxation and sight-seeing. It has a man-made lake where swans swim while visitors can enjoy the view and the breeze. Students and lovers visit this place not only to relax but also paint. The park has a beautiful landscape perfect for painters and photographers. It has also become popular for pre-nuptial shoots.

  1. Avilon Zoo

Avilon Zoo Photo by: Ninjakeg/CC
Avilon Zoo Photo by: Ninjakeg/CC

Dubbed as the biggest zoo in the Philippines, with a total of 7.5 hectares land area, this zoo can be found in Rodriguez, Rizal. Although this is a long drive from Manila, visitors still go to this unique and beautiful destination to enjoy a guided tour and see the endangered animals and plants in the country. Visitors can experience first-hand how it is to feed the animals, from wild horses to giraffes. A guided tour will allow you to maximize your experience since you will have an organized tour and not worry about getting lost in this vast zoo. Pay is at P600 per person but you can get discount online by buying coupons. The facility is clean. The food is a bit pricey, though. The best way is to bring your own food and drinks.

  1. Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari Photo by: danny O. of Flickr.com/CC
Zoobic Safari Photo by: danny O. of Flickr.com/CC

If you are in for a long drive from Manila, head north to Zambales and experience Zoobic. This is the only Tiger Safari you can experience in the Philippines and is one of the main tourist attractions of the Subic Bay’s Freeport Adventure. See Siberian tigers in the natural habitat while riding in a secure vehicle. There is also the Croco Loco where you can watch around 200 crocodiles inside a pit and feed them yourself. Other animals include the ostrich, exotic birds and a camel. This 25 hectare park also has the Savannah, where you can drive in your own car and drive through an animal farm with wild boars and guinea pigs.

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