Tourist Attractions in President Roxas, Cotabato

President Roxas is a 1st class municipality located in the Cotabato province in the Philippines with a population of 44,229 people, according to the 2010 census. The place is bounded on the east by the Municipality of Magpet, on the west by Matalam, on the north by the Municipality of Arakan and on the south by Kidapawan. Like other cities, municipalities and towns all over the Philippines, President Roxas also has a long list of tourist spots with a lot of variety, where some are still unexploited and untapped.

If you are planning your next adventures in the Philippines, here is a list of the most visited tourist attractions in this beautiful municipality, which you can definitely include in your itinerary:

Tuael Bird Sanctuary Hill

This beautiful nature spot is found in Barangay Tuael, which is just 3 kilometers from the centre of the municipality. The hill is the habitat of thousands of birds of different species, including the well-known black crown heron or Nytocorax. The site is full of nests that are drooping from the branches of trees, shrubs, grass and fledglings of different ages. There are even birds here that are continuing to increase in number, which are believed to have migrated from the neighboring countries in Asia. One of the distinct characteristics they are showing is flying in cadence and gracefully spreading and swinging their wings as if they are dancing on the air.

A Night Heron building a nest Image source: Augustus Binu/Creative Commons
A Night Heron building a nest Image source: Augustus Binu/Creative Commons

Barangay Poblacion Hot Spring

A piece of nature that is looking like a big well, the Barangay Poblacion Hot Spring exudes heat even if it is being surrounded by fresh water.


The Winding River of Kabacan

Also located in Barangay Poblacion, the winding river of Kabacan is ideal for tubing and rafting, with its water stemming from the foot of Mt. Apo and cascading, rushing and running down all the way to the Liguasan Marsh. Being declared as the cleanest body of water in the province, this river has been the home of various water plants and animals.

The Mountain Range of Greenhill

This is the best place if you are planning to go mountain biking, trekking, jogging and hiking. What’s more, this place is situated on the highest elevation of solid ground overlooking the coconut plantations, rice fields and the entire lower portion of President Roxas.

Hillside Spring Resort (Formerly Skyline Resort)

This is a resort situated at the heart of President Roxas. It boasts of a rustic setting and cool water of its pools that comes directly from the headwater of the mountain streams.

Skyline Resort  Image source:
Skyline Resort Image source:

Greenhill Village

When travelling to this place, you will not be disappointed. You will get to enjoy the green scenery along the road, which is very smooth but winding because it is built on a mountain. On one part of the road trip, you will be able to see a greenly mountain with many trees, fruits, plats and rice crops on one side and a deep cliff, which is most likely more than 100 meters  above sea-level on the other. You will also feel the cold breeze on a fine weather, which is mostly experienced by the place.

Now, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bag and see the beautiful place that is President Roxas, Cotabato. Enjoy and stay safe!

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