Top 10 Must Visit Attractions in Davao Oriental

The Philippines is such a great cornucopia of beautiful landmarks and stunning tourist spots. It will take more than a fantastic weekend for foreign travelers (or even locals!) to experience the full splendor of touring the country. For starters, check out Davao Oriental’s truly remarkable tourist sites. You’ll definitely want to include these in your list of must-see travel destinations:

Sleeping Dinosaur Photo by: JuanPiso/Creative Commons

The Sleeping Dinosaur

Tell your tour guide to take you around Mati City Road for a quick stop. Here, you can have a full uninhibited view of the island that, from afar, looks like a dinosaur deep in slumber. Brontosaurus, anyone? It’s a fantastic site for group selfie shots or photo souvenirs.

Aliwagwag Falls


Considered as one of the tallest cascading waterfalls in the country, this is truly a remarkable tourist attraction you shouldn’t miss. It features 84 beautiful cascading formations that add up to more than 1,110 feet. That’s about 3 times the height of the famous Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City! Aliwagwag is definitely the place to be on a hot summer’s day, either for a casual picnic with your buddies or for a day of trekking and hiking through Cateel, Davao Oriental.

Mount Hamiguitan

Home to one of the largest populations of flora species in the country, it houses a total of 878 species of wild plants. Plus, the animal ecosystem that depends on this dense forestry is something to witness for yourself. Our tip? Make it a point to see its 600-hectare bonsai field for a whimsical experience with Mother Nature. You should also see the “Tinagong Dagat” or The Hidden Sea. It is actually a vast lake that experiences high tide and low tide phenomenon, something which scientific experts are still baffled about.

Waniban Island

Tired of the commercialized beach haven that is Boracay? If you’re looking for a more relaxing beach experience in the South, head over to this island to bask in the warm crystal clear shores or sunbathe on white sand beaches. Plus, there are tons of water activities you can enjoy here. Or, if you’re more of the see-it-and-enjoy-it type, just lounge by the beach and see dolphins gleefully cavorting in the distance.

Kawa-kawa Falls

Located just off the point of San Isidro, Davao Oriental, this famous waterfall is a common destination for locals and a new adventure for foreign travelers. With 15-feet deep pools and a lush forest formation around the site, this is the perfect summer getaway for families or friends.

Balite Hot Spring

balite hotspring
Balite Hot Spring – Baganga, Davao Oriental Photo source:

A visit to Baganga definitely entails a trip to this tropical hot spring spa resort. It’s the perfect complement to an adventurous summer escapade. You can relax and lounge in the hot springs or indulge in a soothing massage under cover of lush trees.

San Victor Island

This small 3-hectare island is surrounded with powder-white beaches and cool waters. With lofty picnic huts under the shade of a thin coconut forestry, this island offers the tranquility, privacy, and relaxation that you’re looking for in a vacation. Bring your snorkeling gear for a fun exploration at its colorful underwater reefs or take a beach umbrella and just lay out under the warm tropical Philippine sun.

Tibanban Island

Other than swimming and lounging around on the beach, wouldn’t trekking and hiking be an excellent conclusion to a terrific vacation? If so, you should definitely check out this island. Aside from a beautiful lighthouse, it has a slightly dense forest formation that’s perfect for amateur hiking and even camping.

Guang Guang Mangrove Park

If you’re up for more sight seeing, you better book a trip to this mangrove site so you can see Mother Nature’s best work. Take pictures or explore the environmental significance of this nature park. Plus, you can take a side trip to Luban Lagoon or Masao Beach for more beautiful landmarks.

Mati City

Of course, no vacation will be complete without some shopping! Take a trip around this beautiful modern city and indulge in some souvenir shopping for your family and friends back home.  In fact, you should dine in one of the local Pinoy cuisine diners to sample some authentic Davaoeño dishes.

Davao Oriental has many more attractions to offer, sites that will take your breath away and make you come back for more. Book your own trip now and don’t miss out on this beautiful paradise!

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