Tarlac: Top Attractions and Things to Do in the Province

Originally a part of the provinces of Pangasinan and Pampanga, Tarlac has become a province of its own, with Tarlac City as its capital. It is the most multicultural province in Central Luzon, and has a mixture of distinct groups, including the Pampangos, Pangasinenses, Tagalogs, and Ilocanos.

Apart from its rich history, the province of Tarlac is also known for its abundance in beautiful tourist spots. Given below are just some of them:

Trek to Mount Pinatubo

Hiking towards Mount Pinatubo Photo by: Chester Sigua/Creative Commons
Hiking towards Mount Pinatubo Photo by: Chester Sigua/Creative Commons


Hiking to Mount Pinatubo's Crater Photo by:Chester Lacson Sigua/Creative Commons
Hiking to Mount Pinatubo’s Crater Photo by:Chester Lacson Sigua/Creative Commons

If you are into extreme activities, climbing Mt Pinatubo is definitely perfect for you. You can hire a local tour guide to get you going on a five-mile hike to this active volcano’s top. The tour usually begins with a drive to the base of the mountain. During the trek to the top, you will pass rivers, streams, jungles, and rocks along the way. It is, indeed, a perfect activity for those who seek adventure during their holidays.

Relax at the Pinatubo Spa Town


The Pinatubo Spa Town Photo
The Pinatubo Spa Town Photo

After climbing the famous volcano, how about relaxing at a nearby spa? Pinatubo Spa Town offers a range of services, from massage to being buried in volcanic sand. You can even take a shower there for Php100 if you are not too keen about being pampered.

Dine at Isdaan Floating Restaurant


ISDAAN Floating Restaurant and Park Photo by: Commons
ISDAAN Floating Restaurant and Park Photo by: Commons

If you have tried dining in luxurious restaurants in the city, then this is totally a unique experience for you. Be amazed and entertained at Isdaan Floating Restaurant where you can feed the fish or let your kids ride a ram-pulled cart. Entertainment? The singing cooks and waitresses will take care of that.

Check Out Belenismo

Belenismo sa Tarlac Photo
Belenismo sa Tarlac Photo

If you are planning to go there during the Christmas season, you are in for a “merry” surprise. Explore the streets at night and find lifesize nativity scenes along the way. You should know that the Philippines celebrates the longest Christmas, which starts on September 1st until the feast of the three Wise Men.

Visit the Cathedral


Tarlac Cathedral Photo by:MVI/Creative Commons
Tarlac Cathedral Photo by:MVI/Creative Commons

For religious holidaymakers, visiting the Cathedral of Tarlac City is a must-do. Situated across the city hall, this was where the Revolutionary Congress used to meet during the early times. The beautiful architecture makes it one of the best places to visit in Tarlac.

Conquer the Subic–Clark-Tarlac Expressway


Exit to SCTEX Photo by: Handtell/Creative Commons
Exit to SCTEX Photo by: Handtell/Creative Commons

The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway or SCTEx to many is a 94-km four-lane expressway that is located north of Manila, and ends at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales.

Admire the Provincial Capitol


Tarlac Capitol Photo by:
Tarlac Capitol Photo by:

With 17 municipalities and 1 city, Tarlac is widely known as the Melting Pot of Central Luzon. It is rich in political history, and is also famous for being the home province of the Aquino and Cojuangco families. The provincial capitol is a beautiful white building that also serves as a landmark. It is surrounded with trees and greens, which contribute to its warm and relaxing ambiance.

Tarlac may not have popular beaches, but it sure has other beautiful places and activities in store. Getting here is also easy, with the SCTEx and bus liners available from Manila and neighboring provinces. If you want a more private travel, you can always use your own car or rent one from rental companies. Now, if you want to experience all these, how about planning your itinerary right now?

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