Salubong of Angono, Rizal: The Sacred and Artistic Way

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The Filipinos are known as a Catholic race who are fond of celebrating various events in their lives, whether it is a birthday or a national holiday. Whatever these occasions are, the Filipinos always give room to celebrate these momentous events in order to commemorate and give their respects.

So when it comes to celebrating the resurrection of Christ, how could the Filipinos ever forget? When the Lenten Season of the Liturgical Calendar comes, there are various festivals and events held in the different parts of the country, each of which celebrates this season in their own native way. One of the most heard of celebration during this season is the Salubong of Angono, Rizal.

Angono, Rizal

This town is a first class urban municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. It is the home of numerous known Filipino artists and the Angono Petroglyohs, the oldest work of art in the country. Due to that, Angono, Rizal is also known as the “Arts Capital of the Philippines.”


Easter Sunday

The celebration of one of the most significant events in the Liturgical Calendar in Angono, Rizal is famous because of the artistic presentation by the locals. The re-enactment of the Resurrection of Christ is carefully planned and creatively executed that until now, there are still thousands of visitors and tourists that come to the place to witness the said event.

You can join the “Vigilia na Muling Pagkabuhay”, an event held the day before Easter. This is a three-hour presentation at the patio of the church and is the highlight of the town’s celebration of the Black Saturday.

The climax of the entire celebration that you must definitely see is the re-enactment of the reunion of the Virgin Mary to the risen Christ. You can join the procession where various statues of saints and other known people said to be present during the resurrection of Christ will be carried by the devotees on their shoulders. The solemn procession will then lead you to an open plaza where a huge stage is built. This is where the locals and tourists will be able to view the entire re-enactment.

The Re-enactment

The Easter presentation will be started with a dance of a group of females dressed in sky blue gowns called the tinyenta. After the meaningful dance comes the declamation of a very long Taglog poem about Christ’s promise and its fulfilment. This will be done by the female kapitana who will don a colourful and ruffled gown. Once the climax of the poem is being said, the exciting part of the presentation will then take place.

From the corners of the four poles called galilea, colourful artificial birds made of paper and bamboo will begin to move. Together, they meet at the center where a huge heart is hanging at the center of the stage above an image of the Virgin Mary. You will then witness these birds open the heart and reveal a little angel inside. This angel will then be lowered down to the image of Mary while singing the Latin Antiphon “Regina Coeli Laetare”. Upon reaching the image, she will then remove the black veil to signify of her awareness of the resurrection of her son. The release of colourful balloons will take place to end the celebration.

So if I were you, I would definitely bring my camera to take a video of the whole re-enactment to remind me of the meaningful and visually satisfying event.

How to get there?

From Araneta Center – Cubao, LRT2 Santolan Station, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and Edsa Sentral you can reach Angono, Rizal via jeep, fx shuttle type taxi and for hire taxi while in SM Megamall only fx shuttle type taxi and for hire taxi are available.

To experience and observe one of the Filipino’s ways to celebrate and give importance to the Lenten Season and to get a glimpse of an extravagant re-enactment, grab your cameras! For Angono Rizal’s Salubong will surely be picture-prefect!

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