Maripipi Island – Where Life Goes Back to Basics

What does it mean to be totally unplugged from the world? In a society where people are attached to their phones almost 24/7, can we ever truly find a place where its possible to just unplug? Well, when you come to the island of Biliran that sure will be the case. Take note: life is simple in the province with no WiFi or mobile signals in many of its areas. So, if you do need a break with the gadgets of today, Biliran is the place to be.

Now, there are two main islands in Biliran: Biliran Island and Maripipi Island. This post will focus on the latter.

Why visit Maripipi? 

Maripipi Island Image source:
Maripipi Island Image source:

Maripipi is a volcanic island with a volcano located right in the center. Although classified as potentially active, it has no history of eruptions. The landscape is mountainous with narrow coastal areas.

So why should you visit exactly? 

Put simply: for an unspoilt paradise. Yes, city life offers a lot of comforts and so does highly popular attractions such as Boracay, CamSur and the beaches of Cebu. However, when you want a paradise untouched by commercialization, then your best bet is to head to the “not so popular,” “almost unheard of” or “hard to reach” places. And this is exactly what Maripipi Island offers you.


How to get to Maripipi Island? 

  • Get to the port of Naval.
  • Book a ride with either the Brian Claire or the Viga Express. The former docks in the town proper of Maripipi while the latter docks in Barangay Binalayan, about 15 minutes away from the town proper by motorcycle.
Sambawan Island Image source:
Image source:

How to get around Maripipi Island? 

Travel in Maripipi means riding a sikad (pedicab) and loving it.

What to do in Maripipi Island? 

  • Enjoy the quiet life. If you’ve always complained about not being able to do anything because you’re too distracted, then a trip to this lovely and quiet island in Eastern Visayas might just force you to do the things you’ve always said you wanted to do. Whether reading a book or reflecting on life, this is the perfect spot to do it – no distractions. Well, other than the very inviting shores of course.
Sambawan Island Image source:
Sambawan Island Image source:
  • Take a trip to Sambawan Island. If you love marine life and seeing more beauty, then you’d want to spare a whole day for visiting Sambawan Island. Here, marine life is alive and well – there’s a chance you’ll see reef sharks, nurse sharks and even a bull shark was sighted here as well.

Traveling to this island from Maripipi is very much possible. From the town proper in Maripipi, ride a habal-habal to Barangay Ol-og. Travel time is around twenty minutes. From there, you can hire a local boat that will take you to Sambawan.

Image source:
Image source:

Taking the trip from Maripipi to Sambawan is a cheaper alternative as well as renting a boat from Biliran Island costs about PHP3000 as it’s quite far away from the rest of the islands. What you’ll get in Maripipi is crystal clear waters and an abundant marine life. Quite a trip worth taking if you’re fond of water and the creatures of the sea, right?

Nature at its best is the best way to describe the wonder that is Maripipi Island. As much as you’d want to keep the island a secret to yourself for fear of it being commercialized, you also can’t help marveling at her beauty which is definitely worth sharing.

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