Getting Hot in Tuguegarao

Beat the heat with the city’s super cool activities

When it’s hot, it simply means summer in the Philippines! And who doesn’t love summer? The warm weather. The unlimited fun. The whole package! The heat is on and so is the summer soiree here, especially in the City of Tuguegarao. Beat the heat this sizzling hot season with a fun-filled trip to this vibrant metropolis that is located on a peninsula surrounded by the Cagayan and Pinacanauan Rivers.

Nothing spells fun when the sun is up and when you spend your holiday in Tuguegarao. This city, the  capital of the province of Cagayan, is surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains to the east, Cordillera Mountains to the west, and the Caraballo Mountains to the south. For you to make the most of out of your vacation, keep yourself cool with super exciting activities at this must-visit place.

Where to go?


Sierra Cave

Sierra Cave Photo by:
Sierra Cave Photo by:

Dare yourself to go on a trail in this cave that is roughly 70-80 degrees inclined. There is nothing more challenging than this spelunking expedition, but what matters most is when you see what is inside of the cave that is worth more than what you have gone through to get there. But before braving this kind of adventure, make sure to wear comfortable footwear, bring lots of water and be prepared for some physical exertion. The cave has some unique and interesting rocks formations you should not miss.

Santa Victoria Cave

Santa Victoria Cave Photo by:
Santa Victoria Cave Photo by:

Just when you thought that Santa Victoria Cave is only a place of pure rock formations, it is actually more than that. Once you visit this spectacular oasis in Tuguegarao, you will be surprised that there is a lot of  activities for each member of the family.

Go on a cable car ride or take the zipline adventure. To stir up some excitement, try the horseback riding, wall climbing and other fantastic escapades. Also see the many different species in its mini zoo such as tigers, wild boars, monkeys, civet cats, crocodiles and snakes. Then, go on a bird sight seeing at the bird sanctuary. To top it off, take a swim in the refreshing waterfalls in the place.

Some  local youth, the volunteer tour guides, will assist you in your journey through the caves, subdivided into three sections such as the main cave, moon cave and altar cave.

Buntun Bridge

Buntun Bridge Photo by:  Mikhailderivera/Creative Commons
Buntun Bridge Photo by: Mikhailderivera/Creative Commons

Another sight to behold is the Buntun Bridge, one of the landmarks of Tuguegarao. Traversing the Cagayan river, this bridge is the longest in Luzon. Feel the fresh breeze as it caresses your whole body and be mesmerized by the breathtaking view in this place. Have your pictures taken in the Solano end for a beautiful background. It is best to take pictures during sunset.

Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center

Historical jars Photo by:
Historical jars Photo by:

So much for the fun at the caves and the long bridge, keep cool with feeding yourself with information about Cagayan North, the Ybanags, Itawes, Gaddangs, Aetas, and the Neanderthal Remains (found in Callao Caves) at this museum and research hub of the city. Get excited with the interesting facts you will know from the place.

How to get there?

Tuguegarao can be reached by plane from Manila. Several popular airlines fly into Tuguegarao Airport, including Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air. By land, the city is 485 kilometers north of Manila. There are various bus companies offering rides that will take an approximately 10-hour travel from Manila.

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