Dipaculao, Aurora – Of White Sand Beaches, Waterfalls and More

If there’s one word to describe Dipaculao, it would be AWESOME. This third class municipality in the province of Aurora boasts world-class attractions. So, if you are looking for total relaxation and ultimate vacation, then Dipaculao is the destination.

Where to go?

Just a few meters walk from the coastal road going to Casiguran, Aurora is the Ampere Beach. But mind you, this is not some beach where people go to for swimming. Most tourists visit this place for some photos they can post on Instagram and share on Facebook – blame it on Ampere Beach’s amazing views.

Ampere Beach Photo by: Katrina Javier of Flickr.com/Creative Commons
Ampere Beach Photo by: Katrina Javier of Flickr.com/Creative Commons

The sunrise here is simply one of the best that it’s worth the early morning trek. Mountain cascades in the background of a coast full of stones with the waves splashing on the rocks like thunder. There’s probably nothing more serene and peaceful as this place. There’s a small cave somewhere which is only accessible during low tide.

Now, for a nice, cool dip, the next stop is the Dinadiawan Falls.


Unlike most falls that involves an hour-long, exhausting trek down a dirt road, Dinadiawan is less than a five-minute walk from the highway. The falls stream down between two massive boulders in the form white foamy water which lands into a small, shallow stony pool.

Of course, the waterfall is not the only attraction in the area. Just a few meters before the location of the falls, is an area near the beach which is home hundreds of butterflies. So, make sure to take a short stop and take tons of photos with tons of white butterflies.

After the waterfalls, the next stop is – the Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort. Yeah, we’re going back to the beach, but this time, you’ll have more opportunity to swim and have fun under the sun.

Dipaculao, Aurora Photo by: Shubert Ciencia of Flickr.com/Creative Commons
Dipaculao, Aurora Photo by: Shubert Ciencia of Flickr.com/Creative Commons

The resort boasts of white, sandy beach with some coral patches, perfect for snorkeling. The room rates are affordable and you get to choose and cook your own food. But if cooking is not your forte, you can ask the resort staff to go to the market and cook the food for you. So, you can definitely lavish on freshly caught fish and seafood without breaking your budget. Then of course, do not expect luxury. Just be prepared for practically, self-catering.

To complete your experience, make sure to stop by the Halos Farm and Resort. The place is just a few kilometers outside Dinadiawan in Brgy. Dibutunan, and is known for its serenity and quietness.

Halos Farm gives you the opportunity to experience living on a tree house or a nipa hut equipped with all the basic necessities for a comfortable stay. And if you are up for a warm dip and a few laps, there are spring water pools nearby.

A night stay in the farm resort could be the most peaceful and memorable experience you’d ever have. As soon as the sun sets, crickets start to hum and the sound of the sea become even more pronounced as strong water splashes through the stones in the shore. You would describe the entire experience as just “naturely” awesome.

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