Casa Manila In Intramuros

Have you ever wondered how the home of Maria Clara would have looked like? Or, maybe, you’ve seen the movie Goyo (Gregorio del Pilar) and have marveled at the period homes shown in the film and want to know more.

Casa Manila in Intramuros provides that glimpse of our past and will take you back in time when the Philippines is under colonial Spanish rule. The museum is a replica of a mid 19th century San Nicolas House that was once located in Calle Jaboneros. It is just right across San Agustin Church and is a “must visit” if you’re touring Intramuros.

Some Fascinating Features You’ll See in Casa Manila

Casa Manila depicts the home of an affluent family living during the Spanish colonial era. The building is filled with interesting furnitures and ornaments common during the time.

1. Antique furnitures

You’ll delight at the wooden furnitures all around such as sofas, armchairs (butaca) and grandfather clock. Furnitures are a mixture of European, Asian and locally made era pieces.


2. Zaguan (Corridor)

Through the zaguan, carriages (carruajes) would enter and drop off passengers.

3. Kitchen (Cocina)

Here you can see the kitchen utensils used in the era. There are interesting cookie molds and a wooden dish rack used to dry the plates before putting them in the cabinet.

4. Sala Mayor

Part of the home where very important people are hosted. Parties and bailes (dance gatherings) are held here.

5. “Double toilet”

The toilet can seat two person at a time to answer the call of nature. Quite interesting if you ask me.

6. Fountain in the middle of the patio

A place to relax and enjoy some time alone by the fountain.

7. Entresuelo (literally – between floors)

Rooms here in the Entresuelo are usually reserved for the extended family.

How do I get to Casa Manila?

IMPT!!: June 2020 – There are travel restrictions right now and the museum could be close. Check to see when it is open before you travel.

Casa Manila is quite accessible from any part of Metro Manila. If you’d like to use public transit, you can get there via LRT, taxi, jeepneys or bus. If you’re coming via jeepney or bus, get off at Lawton and you can proceed and walk towards Intramuros. Via LRT, you’ll have to get off at Central Terminal Station and walk towards Lawton and then Intramuros.

Other places to visit around Casa Manila

  • San Agustin Church
  • Fort Santiago
  • Bahay Tsinoy, Museum of Chinese in Philippine Life
  • Dancing Fountain at the Manila City Hall (outside Intramuros)

Check out our article on Intramuros to get more ideas on what to do in and around the Casa Manila area.

Our Take

The whole of Intramuros and Casa Manila will give you a glimpse of a bygone era in the country’s history under Spanish colonial rule. If you’re travelling to Manila, we advise you spend a day exploring the place. Two thumbs up!!

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