What to do in Camotes Islands

Go-to places and must-try activities

It’s official. Camotes Islands is one of the Philippine’s best-kept secrets. Why? The list is long, but here’s the catch: It’s more fun in Camotes Islands!

Bakhaw Beach, Santiago, Camotes Island Photo by:  Ian Limbonis/Creative Commons
Bakhaw Beach, Santiago, Camotes Island Photo by: Ian Limbonis/Creative Commons

What really attracts expats, foreigners, and even other Filipinos from different parts of the country to visit the place is its unspoiled beauty. No wonder why it is called “The Lost Horizon in the South.”

The Camotes Islands are made up of the islands of Pacjian, Ponson, Poro and Tulang. It has been believed that the island group got its name from the legend about the Spaniards who arrived here and came upon some natives farming. When asked what the island’s name was, the natives replied “camotes” (sweet potatoes), thinking they were being asked what they were harvesting.

Enticing Beach Resorts


Mangodlong Rock Resort, Camotes Photo by: Commons
Mangodlong Rock Resort, Camotes Photo by: Commons

When was the last time you felt the fresh water from the lake caressing you, so relaxing like you don’t want to let go? When was the day you last saw your children running and playing around around the beach while having fun under the sun? When was that moment you enjoyed watching the sunrise or sunset together with your loved ones? Experience them all again in the enticing beach resorts of Camotes that can be found at Santiago Bay and Mangodlong.

Lover’s Lake


Lake Danao Photo by: Commons
Lake Danao Photo by: Commons

In Pacjian, you can find the  700-hectare Lake Danao, the biggest natural lake in Cebu. Dubbed as “Lover’s Lake,” everyone will truly be in love with this enchanting place where you can go on a boat cruise, hike and picnic, or bird-watching to catch species like the Philippine wild duck and purple heron.

Refreshing Waterfalls

Another place to look forward to in the island for a great vacation is the Panganuron Waterfalls. It is located in the Poro Island in Barangay Libertad, about 45 minutes walk inland on a pretty rough trail.

Adventure Paradise

Love adventure? Dare not miss the Bukilat Cave in Tudela. Feast your eyes with beautiful  stalagmites and stalactites attractions beneath its rough exterior. Feel the freshness of the icy-cold pool believed to originate from an underground spring. What’s more impressive about the entire cave system is that it is illuminated by natural skylights.

Stunning Subterranean Secret


Timubo Cave Photo by: Commons
Timubo Cave Photo by: Commons

Want more thrills? Check out Timubo Cave in Sonog. Make your way down a winding staircase to reach the clear waters within and see for yourself a scenic view like no other.

Sight-seeing at Altavista Lookout

The so-called “Altavista View” can be seen when you go to Poro town and ask for the road going up to the Lookout. Once you arrived, you can enjoy the amazing view of Lake Danao on Pacijan Island as well as Tulang Island to the west and Leyte to the north.


As a tourist, you may need to extend your stay in the island to make the most out of your vacation. Don’t worry, there are many options available for you.


Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, San Francisco, Camotes Island Photo by:Marcelino Rapayla Jr./Creative Commons
Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, San Francisco, Camotes Island Photo by:Marcelino Rapayla Jr./Creative Commons

You may rent a room (with or without an air conditioner) in Payag – Beach House and Resort. It is located in Santiago Village, in Pacijan Island. Alternatively, you may book a room accommodation in Santiago Bay Garden and Resort, also located  in the village of Santiago;  Mangodlong Resort in the village of Mangodlong at Himensulan; in Flying Fish resort in Poro Island, Barangay Cagcagan; or My Little Island Hotel near Poro Island close to the town of Esperanza.

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