Tagaytay Ridge Tour in the Philippines

Written by: Jenny Dizousa

The word ‘Tagaytay‘ has a certain sensuous cadence to it that echoes of something exotic, something so very Oriental. Wrapping the City of Tagaytay on its south and east in the folds of emerald green vegetation lies the Tagaytay Ridge. Legend has it, a father and son had gone hunting for wild boars when the beasts attacked them. The boy shouted “Taga itay!” which literally means ‘father to be cut’ and the shout is said to have been carried by the winds across the ridge. As mist settles on the ridge and the Taal Volcano peeps up into the sky, disengaged and stoic, this legend seems to add to its melancholy.

Tagaytay by paolosdala/Creative Commons
Tagaytay by paolosdala/Creative Commons

On the way to Tagaytay

Las Pinas Bamboo Organ by Shubert Ciencia/Creative Commons
Las Pinas Bamboo Organ by Shubert Ciencia/Creative Commons

For tourists visiting the Philippines, Tagaytay and the Ridge tour is an absolute must. Tourists usually stop at Manila or Makati City from where numerous tour guides and travel companies conduct tours to Tagaytay city and ridge.


On your way up to the city sitting on the ridge at an altitude of over 2000 feet, you can stop by San Jose Church in Las Pinas where you can see the beautiful bamboo organ made of over 800 bamboo shoots. Most Tagaytay Ridge Tour in the Philippines also consist of a pit stop at the local ‘Jeepney’ Factory where the tourists get a peek at the manufacturing process of Philippines’ iconic and most common mode of transport.

The Taal Lake and Volcano

Tagaytay Ridge View by The Wandering Angel/Creative Commons
Tagaytay Ridge View by The Wandering Angel/Creative Commons

One of the most curious vistas of the world, Tagaytay Ridge affords you a view of the Taal Lake and the Taal Volcano- essentially a lake within a volcano. This volcano, considered the lowest and smallest, is by no means the tamest. It has a very prolific history of violent eruptions. The tourists are herded up to the People’s Park in the Palace in the Sky, which is the summer house of the former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos. From here, tourists can see the length of ridge sprawling into the sea, covered in parts by tufts of cloud. The tour guides swear the best view is afforded on the sunny days. However, on the days Taal Volcano when plays hide and seek in the swirling mist rising in wisps from the sea, the Tagaytay Ridge Tour in the Philippines becomes an exquisite yet serene experience. On the way back to Manila, tourists get to spend time in the local fruit market and coffee and pineapple plantations, all of which are famous for fresh produce.

Travelling money wise

Before selecting a tour guide or travel company, tourists are often advised to check up on all options. The tour should ideally include pick up and drop off facility across Makati and Manila, lunch and entrance and admission fees. In the USA, Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is responsible for issuing Visa Waivers that allow international travellers to travel to the US at more affordable rates. As such options are not available for Philippines; tourists are recommended to use extra precaution to save on expenses.

In the lush envelope of forests, the Ridge, cloaked in mist and clouds, looks over the City of Tagaytay like a lofty guardian, ever still and assuring. To say it is every nature lover’s dream would be an understatement. So an excursion to the Tagaytay Ridge is a must if you happen to visit the Philippines.

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