Going on a Hunting Trip? Here’s What to Bring

Hunting is the activity in which a single individual or group of people went out in the forest or any place for a stay and hunt. Hunting mainly aims at looking for a particular thing. Or broadly speaking it aims at going after the wild animals and killing them for food or amusement. If you are going hunting the first time, then never go without preparation.

Hunting is an activity that is full of adventure and dangers. Your life will be at risk at any point of hunting. Going before wild animals on dark nights is not an easy task. You may become a victim of any animal. Survival depends on what accessories you are carrying with you in your backpack.

For example, you can’t sleep in the sky as there will be cold weather; you need a tent to live in. There are a variety of other essentials which you must need while planning a hunting trip. Always pack the things very carefully, so nothing will be missed. Even a small tool can be life-saving for you at any point.

Going on a Hunting Trip? Here's What to Bring

Here are some important things to bring in for a hunting trip:


No one can survive without water. You can live without food for some days, but water is the most critical requirement. You must carry the appropriate volume of water along with you depending on your trip duration.


Water could be found anywhere, but some places have extreme scarcity of water. You never know where to find it next, so always refill the bottles wherever you find water.

First Aid Box

Why is a first aid box necessary? When you are on a hunting trip, you never know what will happen to you at the next step. Always carry a small box having essential first aid tools in it. You can be injured while chasing the animal or you may get a fever due to extreme weather.

This box must have some bandages, which are useful in the dressing of any wound. Some pain killers, antibiotics, and ointments must be carried along. It also carries an anti-itching cream to prevent wound irritation.


If you are hunting far away from your house and any society, then GPS is an important device for you. Always keep the GPS updated. It will help you to find a way back if you are lost in the chase of animals. Also, GPS guides you about the range of the hunting zone. Without it, you may enter anyone’s private property creating an illegal act for yourself.

Resting Camp

Why is there a need for a resting camp? If you are going on hunting for a day, you may only need it for extreme weather. However, if you are going on hunting trips of 3-4 days, then a resting camp or tent is an essential item. This is a simple fabric, which can be folded easily and packed inside a bag with less space. A helpful guide at BestSurvival.org listed the resting camp as one of the hunting trip essentials aside from the hunting tools and other outdoor survival items. You can stay anywhere if you have this camp.

Going on a Hunting Trip? Here's What to Bring


A flashlight with a high beam and a large battery is essential for night hunting. It will help you to point the animal on dark nights. Hunting zones are generally forests having bushes all around. Only a flashlight can help you to find a way or track. Otherwise, you will be lost in the bushes far away from your resting area.

Other Essentials

  • Must carry food along with you. You can take such food occupying less space but having good nutritional value. Nuts can be a good option here. Also, carry frozen dry meals in your pack.
  • Another important essential is the binoculars. They will help you to see the distant objects and animals so you can chase them easily.
  • Must ensure the presence of an appropriate weapon along with enough ammunition for the trip.
  • Consider the weather conditions before going. If it’s winter then pack the clothing accordingly.
  • Must have a raincoat, as raining can be unexpected, so this coat will save you from getting wet in rain.
  • Before going out hunting, must ensure that you have an authorized hunting license. Hunting is considered illegal without a license. You may face imprisonment and fine if found without a license
  • Other essential tools include knives for cutting the hunted animals, gloves, and a blanket for surviving the cold weather.

Conclusively, we can say that the survival of the hunter depends a lot on what he is carrying along. There is a long list of these items which are must require. The above mentioned are the only few tools and equipment which are pillars for hunting trips. You must take them along to enjoy the best possible hunting experience.

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