Ten Great Vacation Spots this Lenten Holidays

Experts say that spending time with nature can make us become kinder and happier; this is one great reason for those people out there who are “not that kind enough” and for those who are “not that happier” with their current lives to read on what this post is all about.

Oftentimes, if not all the time, we live in a world wherein we are governed by “routines.”  Routines that make us wake-up very early in the morning to prepare for work so that there won’t be any deductions on the paycheck for tardiness;  routines that dictates the pacing on how we live; routines that seems to mandate our status in life; routines that we want to adhere to in order to show the society on how we are at par with its measurements.  Most of the time,  the measurements, based on society’s standards, is wealth or having better things than others.  However, not all wealthy people who are happy gets the time to enjoy time with nature and with themselves.

So here are some great destinations that would help you become kinder and happier and would  help you break down from the monotony of routine living while  shedding off some cash and fats out of your vaults to enjoy nature!

#1:    Palawan.   

Palawan by Micheal Apodaca
Palawan by Micheal Apodaca

There are a lot of good reason why you should go to Palawan.      For one is it has more to offer about nature and this is one destination that one would never run out of something to do with nature; activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, boating in the underground river, trekking the 750 steps to reach the top of Mt. Tapyas to enjoy the view on top.  More info about Palawan.

#2:      Laguna. 

Pagsanjan River Trail
Pagsanjan River Trail by springles4 (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

One could linger to the hot springs of Los Banos and Calamba, trek the summit of Mt. Makiling and fell in love with the wonder of the rapids and cascading falls of Magdapio falls together with the entire family. More about Laguna.

#3:    Tagaytay, Cavite.

Bonding in Tagaytay/Creative Commons
Bonding in Tagaytay

Rekindle  your love amidst the wonderful sites of Tagaytay,  watch the animals at the Residence Inn Mini zoo and enjoy strolling and riding the horses at People’s Park. More about Tagaytay

#4:   Quezon.

Peak of Mt. Banahaw by suntoksabwan (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0
Peak of Mt. Banahaw (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Camp at Mt. Banahaw’s peak  and enjoy the holiness of the mountain and mingle with the hundreds of pilgrims who frequent the mountain during this season. More about Quezon.

#5:  Mindoro.

Mt. Halcon Mindoro
Mt. Halcon Mindoro by The Dilly Lama (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Join the annual climb scheduled by the local mountaineering group based in Mindoro and scale the summit of Mt. Halcon, the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines. More about Mindoro.

#6:  Batangas.

Underwater in Anilao
Underwater in Anilao by dahon (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Dive and swim in the clear waters of Anilao and be mesmerized by the pristine Batangas beaches. More about Batangas.

#7:   Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. 

Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte
Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte by majill (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Get reunited with nature by swimming in Hanna’s beach and by enjoying the excellent sites such as the Bangui windmill and the Kapurpurawan Rock formation.  More about Pagudpud.

#8:    Cebu.

Cebu by am-am sanchez (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Be entertained by the excellent white sand beaches, pristine waters and hidden paradise of Sumilon Beach in Oslob.  More about Cebu.

#9:  Samal.

Samal IGACOS by Constantin Agustin (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Discover the wonders of the pristine beaches of Samal Island and explore Talicud Island and trek to the summit of Puting Bato. More about Samal.

#10:   Siargao.

Siargao by Matt Herradura Photography (fr Flickr) under CC BY 2.0

Learn to surf and ride the famous Cloud 9 waves and swim in the wonderful beaches.  More about Siargao .

Nature is the silent cure for unhappiness, boredom and monotony.  Spending a couple of days off during the long vacation this lenten season and reuniting with nature and yourself in any of these great destinations would help one have a retreat from the monotony of daily routines.  Enjoy life!

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