Travel for New Year’s Eve Skyrockets: Where Will You Go?

For the first time in three years, hassle-free international travel for New Year’s Eve is once again available – and passengers are eager to take advantage. Agoda data indicates a 29% increase in searches for countdown getaways over the previous year, and an astounding 88% increase over 2020. To demonstrate that travel is returned, the number of searches exceeds the statistics from 2019 – the final pre-pandemic year – by more than 41%.

This year, metropolitan destinations are the most popular for New Year’s Eve, with travelers eager to join the masses to enjoy enormous events and stunning fireworks displays. Agoda, a renowned digital travel platform, also examined search data for New Year’s Eve travel by region, revealing the top locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Tokyo takes the top rank in Asia. Since the country of the rising sun extended its doors to inbound tourism, its popularity has skyrocketed. Bangkok, Thailand, and the recently reopened Taipei, Taiwan round out Asia’s New Year’s Eve top three.

Travelers in North America are most excited to see the ball drop in New York City. While many others hope to begin 2023 with Lady Luck on their side in Las Vegas or among the stars in Los Angeles.


According to the search data for Europe, London and Paris are ranked first and second, respectively. While they are in the top five, tourists are not eager to spend the final seconds of 2022 in Rome or Amsterdam. Istanbul, the Turkish capital, finishes in third place. The continent-crossing metropolis on the banks of the Bosporus entices many and may see an influx of visitors to celebrate the year’s final countdown.

However, city trips aren’t the only type of trip that cracked the top 10. With winter in the northern hemisphere in full swing, many tourists are choosing to start 2023 in warmer places. Famous beach spots such as Pattaya and Bali in Asia and Honolulu and Cancun in North America make the list, proving that one size does not fit all when it comes to New Year’s Eve.

[Source: Agoda Press Release]

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