Scuba Diving Location Just been Discovered in Cebu

ALEGRIA, Philippines – Exploring to the south of the resort heading out opposite the pier, in line with the mountains behind us. An estimated 5-10 surface swim from the shoreline at high tide. looking back at the land I can see the highest peak in Cebu namely Osmeña Peak, at 1013M above sea level.

Descended into the unknown. We dived along a finger of hard coral towards deeper water unknowingly about to discover something amazing. Emerging in front of us was a reef system never before explored or seen by anyone else.

There was a Plato of sand reaching out, a blue-spotted ray slowly swam over the top, hunting for food.

Seeing the blue-spotted ray below us there was another wall dropping off to what we could only estimate it being 70-80M deep or more.


We needed technical dive gear to continue exploring this reef system and will return with a dive plan and gas to suit what we had just seen.

Looking up at the beautiful colorful Gorgerian Fans along the edge, time is not on our side only being just a few minutes remaining of our no-deco time we all need to ascend to shallower depths.

Its time to leave this location to return another day as it is worthy of several dives to explore the area and of course if qualified to explore the deeper reef system which we will be doing at the first opportunity we get.

We ascend to the top of the wall, amazed at the soft branching corals and whip corals across the top, they are very different to any I have seen on other dive sites here in Cebu. The density is beyond imagination and all perfect, healthy and in pristine condition.

In the natural light, everything looks purple and blue having lost most of the red spectrum at this depth and feels very surreal to glide over the top of such a beautiful location.

So we ascent to 15M and feeling super excited and keen to share our experience with others who we know will appreciate the beauty of a pristine deep reef eco-system.

Advanced Divers can explore the top section of the reef with its unique coral diversity, its different to anything else we have found in the area to date, deep specialty divers can explore the wall and venture out to the top of the outer reef system.

Underwater photographers and Scuba Divers need to see and experience this truly outstanding eco-system for there own eyes.

Be one of the first to enjoy and dive this location!

Press Release : Alegria Resort

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