CheapAir’s Best Ways to Save on 2023 Flights released its ninth annual Airfare Study, which analyzed 917 million flight prices in over 8,000 U.S. markets to discover the cheapest times to purchase domestic airline tickets. The study equips travelers with the knowledge required to obtain the most affordable airfare.

According to the study, the optimal time to purchase domestic tickets is 70 days prior to the trip, six days sooner than the study conducted in 2022. There are numerous variables that influence how far in advance travelers should purchase plane tickets. Purchase timing is determined by seat location, flight experience, destination, and price in order to obtain the greatest value.

Approximately 1.5 to 5.5 months prior to departure in 2023 is the booking window offering the cheapest flight costs. This is slightly earlier than in previous years when travelers had to wait up to three weeks before departure. This is likely due to the current high demand for travel, personnel problems, and fluctuating fuel prices. Consistently, the finest airline deals for this year may be secured by booking early.’s 2023 Domestic Airfare Study showed the following information to help buyers make the most educated purchasing decisions:

  • Wednesday is the least expensive day of the week to fly, with average savings of $100 per airline ticket compared to Sunday, the most expensive day.
  • The least expensive month to fly is February, followed closely by January. Travelers will save around $114 by flying in February as opposed to December, the most expensive month to fly (followed by July).
  • Airfares remain variable. From the time a trip first goes on sale, fares change 49 times on average and change by an average of $43 each time.
  • There is no optimal day to purchase plane tickets. No matter which day of the week passengers purchase airline tickets, the average low rate fluctuates by less than $1.
  • The summer travel season necessitates the earliest booking window to obtain the cheapest flight fares. Winter is the cheapest season to travel, with the smallest opportunity to book plane tickets compared to other seasons.

[Source: CheapAir Press Release]

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