Get Ready for Ayana Segara Bali! Opening soon on Nov 5

Ayana Segara Bali, a luxury hotel in Indonesia, will open its doors to guests on November 5. Reservations are now open.

AYANA Segara Bali is a 205-room contemporary design hotel evoking a modern and simple aesthetic, designed by award-winning design firm WATG, the firm behind the stunning design of AYANA properties in Bali and Komodo. When guests enter the hotel, they are greeted by interior design inspired by Balinese tradition and culture. Yasuhiro Koichi, the founder of SPIN Design Studio and designer of the famed Rock Bar, designed the Balinese-inspired interiors of the rooms and restaurants. Intricate wood carvings can be found in the hotel lobby, creating a welcoming oasis of calm. Within the ceiling, a kamasan painting—a traditional painting from the Bali village of Klungkung—takes guests on a virtual journey through the Balinese epic wayang story.

The hotel is located in a cliff coastline above Jimbaran Bay in Bali. It offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Ayana Segara Bali is a perfect getaway for those looking for a relaxing and luxurious experience. The hotel features a variety of amenities such as an infinity pool, a spa, and several restaurants. Guests can also enjoy activities such as yoga sessions, sunset picnic at the beach and HIIT workout.

The new AYANA Segara Bali features an indoor-outdoor concept that combines modern architecture’s spacious living areas with an expansive panoramic view of Jimbaran Bay and the Indian Ocean, the lush AYANA Estate forest, and the sounds of nature. AYANA Segara Bali offers an immersive experience to be in harmony with nature, a concept and guiding principle of AYANA inspired by the Balinese philosophy, Tri Hita Karana. AYANA Segara Bali pays homage to its location with a combination of building design, intricate Balinese-inspired traditional ornaments, and a stellar view of the surroundings, transporting guests into a culmination of tranquil, comforting, and modern slow-living Bali luxury life.


Ayana Segara Bali opening soon!

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