Airline Issues? Learn How Travel Insurance Assists You

With the recent flood of technical troubles that airlines have had, such as the Southwest meltdown and the FAA nationwide shutdown, it’s vital to understand how your travel insurance can aid if your travel plans are disrupted. Yonder Travel Insurance experts explain what travel delay coverage is and what it might cover if your airline encounters a technical problem or any form of delay.

What exactly is Travel Delay Coverage?

Yonder has seen an inflow of travel delay inquiries throughout the years. It’s a feature included with most travel insurance policies that reimburse out-of-pocket expenses such as lodging, meals, and local transportation if your flight is delayed for a certain period of time, typically 3-12 hours.

“Travelers should double-check their policy includes travel delay coverage since costs associated with flight delays can be quite high without it,” says Terry Boynton, co-founder, and president of Yonder Travel Insurance.

Why Is Travel Delay Insurance Necessary?

Travelers, particularly those flying, rely on travel suppliers to get them where they need to go. When this fails, the bill is frequently left to the passenger, with few options to fulfill. Travel insurance can help bridge that difference.


For example, a family of five is returning to Chicago from Florida. Their flight is delayed due to weather or a technical fault on the day they are supposed to return home. They must spend another night in Florida before boarding the next available flight tomorrow. That night, they have to pay for an extra hotel night, dinner, and breakfast, as well as Uber fees to and from their hotel and back to the airport the next morning. Travel delay insurance would pay for these unforeseen out-of-pocket charges.

“For families with children or multiple adults, these costs can really add up fast,” adds Boynton. “Having travel insurance in hand before you depart can save you money in the long run if your travel doesn’t go according to plan.” Using a travel insurance comparison site, such as Yonder Travel Insurance, allows you to simply compare policies side by side to ensure you’re getting the most travel delay coverage.

Yonder Travel Insurance experts have combed through hundreds of policies from the leading travel insurance carriers in the United States to deliver the best travel insurance recommendation for how YOU travel.

[Source: Yonder Travel Insurance Press Release]

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