Calatagan, Batangas: Perfect Destination for a Road Trip

If you are looking for great beach destinations where you can spend a day or two without having to take a plane ride or spend much, Calatagan, Batangas is where you should head to. Accessible by bus and car, there are many beaches in this town in Batangas that have been a favorite travel destination of friends and families who want to enjoy water activities or just spend a weekend away from the bustling noise of the city.

The Calatagan Peninsula and Balayan Bay can be found in Calatagan, making it a popular beach destination because of it numerous almost white sand beaches and clear waters. Apart from being a site of excavations of pottery and utensils dating back centuries ago and being considered as the Forbes Park of the South years ago, the rich and prestigious town of Calatagan is more than just a sleepy municipality.

  1. Burial Sites

There were two largest burial sites also known that were excavated, the Pulung Bakaw and Kay Tomas are located in the west part of the town and are also called the “Cemeteries of the Sea”. Today, these burial grounds are both surrounded by fishponds where milkfish is raised. There are also mangrove trees along the periphery.

  1. Beaches 

Stilts Calatagan Photo by: The South in Summer of
Stilts Calatagan Photo by: The South in Summer of

Calatagan boasts of numerous beach resorts that cater to tourists from all walks of life. Whether you have a shoe-string budget and plan to camp out in the beach or in spending mode for a luxurious and active weekend, there is the perfect beach resort for you. You can choose from a myriad of beaches like the Ronco Beach Resort, Lago de Oro, Nacua Sea Park, Playa Calatagan and Stilts Calatagan, among others. Burot beach is also one option you can try. It is a remote privately owned beach with no electricity but is great for camping out.

  1. Snorkeling and Water Sports

Are you a beachgoer who are looking forward to an adventurous summer fun at the beach? Calatagan offers just the best water activities for you and your family. At Stilts Calatagan, you can choose from one of the beautiful cottages on stilts and enjoy the superb customer service of the staff. They also have ATVs where friends and family members can enjoy the ride as well as bike rentals. There are also gardens filled blooms and pathways perfect for quiet and stress-free walks. Water sports include kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and boating, among others. They can also arrange for fishing trips, open water dives and introductory dives. Indeed, a day will not be enough.

  1. Relaxation

While at the beach, you can also enjoy an afternoon of spa treatment and pamper yourself with massage. At the Stilts Calatagan, they also offer facials. Whether you are with your friends or celebrating your anniversary with your spouse, there is nothing more relaxing than a massage in a romantic setting where all you can hear is the splashing of the waves.

Calatagan, Batangas Photo by: What's on My Mind of
Calatagan, Batangas Photo by: What’s on My Mind of

How to get there: 

Accessible by car and bus, Calatagan is between three to four hours of travel, depending on the traffic. If you are planning to drive down south to this town in Batangas, you can also have a side-trip to Tagaytay. By bus, there are many buses plying to Batangas. There is a bus station at Coastal Mall and also in Pasay City, near the MRT station. There are also vans available if you want to commute to Calatagan at around P180 per person.


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