3 Food Specialties from Lucban that Are Worth the Try

Lucban may be best known for its Pahiyas Festival as well as its old church, but food is also one of the major draws of the town. In fact, you can arrange an entire trip in Lucban centered around food – but of course, it’s better to inject a bit of historical attractions as well.

Food Specialties

You won’t go hungry in Lucban for there are many restaurants that you can get into for a bite to eat. Then again, to really enjoy these dining establishments, it’s best to plan your trip on days not surrounding the festival season or you could choose to dine at non-peak hours. All that said, here are some of the famous food specialties to try when in Lucban:

  • Lucban longganisa. There are many variations of longganisa in the north of the Philippines, one being the Vigan longganisa which is also worth they try. But since we’re talking about Lucban, we’re sticking with their version. Unlike neighboring provinces which make sweet longganisa’s, Lucban’s interpretation is on the garlicky side. Of course, the best way to enjoy this Filipino sausage is with hot rice and maybe a fried egg – works well during breakfast and every other time of the day.
  • Pancit habhab. Many other places in the Philippines have their own interpretation of pancit or noodle dish. You’ve got pancit molo in Iloilo as well as pancit guisado, pancit canton and other varieties. But in Lucban, their version is called pancit habhab ans is comprised of miki noodles, sayote, pork, soy sauce and vinegar – that’s quite the combination. This dish is best enjoyed without the aid of utensils – like how the local population enjoys it. All you need is a banana leaf.

    Pancit habhab Photo by: Judgefloro/Wikimedia Commons
    Pancit habhab Photo by: Judgefloro/Wikimedia Commons
  • Hardinera. This is basically the Lucban version of a meatloaf, which a number of places in the Philippines have versions of as well. This specialty is usually served during special occasions such as fiestas and weddings. This meatloaf is prepared in a llanera – an oval shaped pan – with egg and bell peppers as topping. It may not be the most attractive dish you’ll see but it tastes so good.

    Hardinera Photo by: pinoykusinero.com
    Hardinera Photo by: pinoykusinero.com


If your primary purpose for a visit to Lucban is to sample their food, then you wouldn’t go wrong with some restaurant-hopping. Here are some of the best places to eat in Lucban:

  • Cafe San Luis. This cafe is known for serving up innovative dishes and drinks. Located in San Luis Street, visitors can also go for more traditional varieties of brewed coffee and espresso.

    Cafe San Luis Photo by: Cafe San Luis/facebook
    Cafe San Luis Photo by: Cafe San Luis/facebook
  • Mustiola’s. Dining in an old house is quite the experience but it’s made even better when the food served is really delicious. Like Cafe San Luis, this establishment is also located on San Luis Street.
  • Old Center Panciteria. Where else will you get a taste of that yummy pancit habhab? Just like the first two dining places in this list, this panciteria is located in San Luis Street.

Getting to Lucban

  • Board a bus bound for Lucena City from Cubao, EDSA-Kamuning or EDSA-Buendia. The estimated travel time is four to five hours.
  • Get on a jeepney bound for Lucban at the Lucena Grand Terminal. This trip will take around 30 to 45 minutes.

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