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Are you equally passionate about the “awesomeness” of the Philippines? Itching to write about your travel experience and share it to a wider audience?

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We are a bunch of freaks, divas and geeks (and everything else in between) who share a common belief and passion to share the “beauty” of the Philippines to the world. Yes, it’s sad but true, much of the rest of the world dont really know about the “awesome” side of the Philippines. So, let’s change this! If you think you can contribute, contact us now and write, write and write your awesome point of view. Let’s take advantage of the interwebs’ (an Al Gore invention) global reach. C’mon. Join us now.


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3 thoughts on “Write With Us”

  1. Hi there,

    I really enjoyed reading your travel blog..!!

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  2. Hi Triptheislands,

    I never expected that this blog will got that far. I remembered I’ve seen this blog 3 years ago and t’was not yet content populated, but now there are lots of great articles on this blog, I’m happy seeing this blog again. Good job.


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