Interview with Joanne Q. Escober: Tacit Requiem Photographer

I love to take pictures of landscapes. However, it is more of a privilege for me since I don’t get to travel much. I am more of a portrait photographer and I love manipulating photos. I have this knack for producing scary pictures maybe because I love horror movies.

Here’s our interview with Joanne Q. Escober – the “Tacit Requiem” photographer who shoots not only landscapes and events but also loves to shoot about the undead and the nocturnal creatures of the night.  Let’s find out more about her:

Joanne with daughters Charrie and Ricci Anjoli
Joanne with daughters Charrie and Ricci Anjoli

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a mother of two lovely daughters and a wife to an understanding and supportive marine engineer. Before I fell in love with photography, I used to work as a researcher/writer/segment producer in the News and Current Affairs Dept. of ABS-CBN. It was in 2007 when I decided to quit my job and become a full-time mom. But the photography bug bit me when my husband bought me a Sony point and shoot camera in 2008. Since then I couldn’t get my hands off my camera. I would take photos of everything that caught my interests and would post it in my Flickr account.

Wacky Joanne with daughters Charrie and Ricci Anjoli
Wacky Joanne with daughters Charrie and Ricci Anjoli

In 2009 my husband gave me my first DSLR – a NIKON D80 as his anniversary gift. It was then when I decided to become serious in photography. I enrolled in FPPFs (Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation) basic photography class where I was ranked no. ten in our class of thirty plus.


The following year, I enrolled in Advance photography (still with FPPF) where I got my first medal in the craft, being the best in Bridal Photography as well as my first trophy for being the 2nd best student in our class. I also enrolled in Practical Photoshop Workshop under Jon Carlos in 2011 and Gerbie Pabilonias Beyond Photography Workshop in 2012. I am currently taking Wedding Photography Workshop under Mel Cortez. Recently, I bought a NIKON D7000, not that I’m bored with my D80 but because my daughter who is taking up Visual Design needs a DSLR camera next semester. So I handed her my old pal D80.

That’s great to know that you bagged medals and awards in FPPF! I am a product of FPPF Workshops too way back 2004. My mentors were Vic Sison, Lito Beltran, Ador Pamintuan and the late Ka Tony. FPPF has been a solid institution in honing the skills of countless photographers in the Philippines. Most of their graduates became greats in the various fields of Photography. You have been very active in the workshops, that’s good. Photography is a continuous learning experience and one should not stop in trying the various fields in Photography until you finally chose the particular Photography field that you want to focus on. Good luck!

Do you work as a photographer? or is photography a hobby?

Joanne Q. Escober
Joanne Q. Escober

I would love to become a pro-photographer but I’m not sure If I can call myself that yet, since I still do free services for some of my close friends specially my relatives. Although there are already those who paid for my photography services, I still think it doesn’t count since I know all of them personally. Currently, I am taking an event photography workshop, hoping that this will help me become a real pro in my not so far future. 

It’s great to know that you are already getting paid for your works. It means that you are already on your way to being a Pro. Most Professional photographers started somewhere until they find a niche that they really want to focus on.

We fell in love with your landscape photos, but when researching on you, we saw your “vampire” and fantasy photos which are quite lovely. Can you please tell us about them?

Thank you! I love to take pictures of landscapes. However, it is more of a privilege for me since I don’t get to travel much. I am more of a portrait photographer and I love manipulating photos. I have this knack for producing scary pictures maybe because I love horror movies.

Sometimes, whenever I felt like it I would ask my eldest daughter to dress up and put on some make up just to do a photo shoot.

I also join open shoots when I like the concept. My favorite was that of Mr. Jake Radaza and Ms. Rachel Lobangcos “Vampire Stories” You can view it here:

Cool! You might end up as a photographer in a horror flick later on and get paid a lot. You mentioned that you are more of a portrait photographer, do you plan to set-up your own portrait studio in the near future and probably master the different portrait lighting techniques such as the Rembrandt Portrait lighting styles and the likes?

Actually we have this room at home which I convert into a studio when a client sets an appointment with me. I already bought two external flashes, two light stands, an umbrella and a softbox. And I also have an improvised white background made of plywood which I remove after every photo session. With regards to lighting, I try to apply the Rembrandt lighting but I am not sure If I am doing it right. Honestly I suck with the “technicals” of photography. Most of the time I am not conscious with what type of lighting I am using. I just use my eyes and if I like what I see in the lcd monitor, I shoot.

Describe an ideal vacation. Where do you go when you want to unwind and get away from the noise of the city?


An ideal vacation for me is anywhere as long as I am with my husband and daughters. My husband is a seaman and we recently started an agreement that we would have an out-of-town vacation at least once a year. Last year we went to Calaguas, thanks to Vagabond Pinas for a hassle-free travel. We wouldn’t really have gotten that far on our own if it weren’t for them. This year, when he disembarks from their ship we plan to climb Mt.Pulag and witness the grandiose beauty of the ocean of clouds. Actually, there are many places I would love to go. Number 1 on my list is Batanes, I want to capture the so-called Marlboro Country myself. Then, the Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin. The Hanging Coffins of Sagada is also a very interesting site. Hopefully someday I could go there…Thanks so much! 

That’s great! Embarking on a travel with the whole family is always something to look forward to. Maybe then you could come up with a photo book about these travels and we could feature it here at Trip the Islands. 😉

Are there any message that you want to share to our readers?

First of all, I would like to thank you again Trip the Islands for appreciating my works. I am really honored! To the readers, specially to mommies like me, if you have a hobby just continue doing it. And maybe if you are passionate enough you could end up doing something great not only for yourself but also for your family. God Bless us all!

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