Top Attractions of Lingayen, Pangasinan

Dubbed as “the heart, the soul and the face” of the Province of Pangasinan, Lingayen is famous for its attractions, historical value and of course bagoong (made of fermented fish or shrimp). A beautiful and peaceful place, Lingayen has a lot to offer those who visit her shores.

Reasons to Visit 

  • Ramos House – The 12th President of the Philippines, Fidel V. Ramos was born and raised in Lingayen. The former ancestral house of the Ramos family was destroyed during the second World War, however, a replica stands within The President’s Hotel. Memorabilia of the family are on display.

    Lingayen Beach Photo by:
    Lingayen Beach Photo by:
  • Lingayen Beach – This is most famous for its historical value. During World War II, this site served as a landing place for General Douglas MacArthur. The beach is neither white, but the sand is powdery and some would even call it finer than the sands in Boracay.

    Pangasinan Provincial Capitol in Lingayen Photo by: Gabo Halili/Creative Commons
    Pangasinan Provincial Capitol in Lingayen Photo by: Gabo Halili/Creative Commons
  • Lingayen Provincial Capitol – The elegant structure of the provincial capitol makes you notice it whether during the day or night. The white and yellow structure features sculptures in front and stately stairs.
  • Aguedo Agbayani Park – By no means does this rival with the many other wonderful parks around the world, but if you want a peaceful reprieve while in town, this is one of the places to go to. It is well lighted during the night as well. The presence of trees are very relaxing and the benches just beckon you to sit down and enjoy the moment.

    The Veterans Memorial Park Photo by:
    The Veterans Memorial Park Photo by:
  • Veteran’s Memorial Park – Located at the back of the Capitol, this site is where you get to see some of the photos during World War II. 

Getting to Lingayen 

Pangasinan doesn’t have a dedicated airport. So, if you’re coming from Manila, the best way to get here is by bus or car.

By bus 

Take a bus from any of the following: Dagupan Bus Lines, Victory Liner, Five Star Bus Company and the Solid North Bus Company.

By car 


Get on NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) and drive through the provinces of Tarlac and Pampanga. The trip will take around four to five hours. 

Enjoying Your Stay 

  • Get a taste of bangus – Known as milkfish, this is mostly taken from the neighboring town of Dagupan, but you can also savor it in Lingayen. There are lots of ways to cook this fish including souring it in guava or tamarind broth, grilling it with tomato and onion salsa or frying it to a golden crisp.
  • Visit an old house – The Urduja House in Lingayen is definitely one of the houses you should visit. It was named after a mythical princess from the 14th century and has an indigenous feel to it.
  • Savor a lot of carbohydrates – Filipinos love rice and rice cakes. It doesn’t matter if they’re boiled, steamed or baked, these sugary cakes are always available wherever you go in the Philippines. Here in Pangasinan, taste the local variant, puto calasiao, Just like others in its family tree, it is bite sized and gummy. 

Lingayen is a town filled with so much history and it shows in her historical wonders. However, it’s not just the beauty of the town itself that makes it a wonderful attraction, the warmth of her people is good enough to keep coming back to this town.

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