Playa La Caleta Nature Adventure, Bataan

Photo by Bataan Nature Adventures

Imagine this setting: lush green forests, pristine sand, and amazing rock formations. Isn’t that a clear picture of a perfect destination to escape the busy city environment? Well, if you’re one who enjoys the silence and appreciate the beauty of nature, then a visit to Playa La Caleta in Bataan is an ideal vacation for you.

Basic Information

Playa La Caleta is a remote island near Morong, Bataan. It doesn’t have electricity and mobile phone coverage isn’t that good. But that what’s attractive about it; you can simply let time stop and take a breather from your daily activities.

Getting to Playa La Caleta


There is a bus that departs from Cubao to Balanga City in Bataan. Once you reach the Balanga City Terminal, you can take your pick from vans or buses to take you to Bagac or Morong. Both of these places serve as starting points to get to the area where boats are docked that can take you to Playa La Caleta.

In Bagac or Morong, you have to ride a tricycle that will take you to the port for boats that service Playa La Caleta.

Package Tours

If you don’t like the do-it-yourself method, there are a couple of tourist operators like Bataan Nature Adventures that offer package tours to the island.


Although there are tents and huts around the place, there is really no accommodation other than tents. Basically, Playa La Caleta strips you of modern comforts and allows you to really experience being at one with nature.

In case you’re wondering about toilets, yes, the island does have them.


If you’re going the do-it-yourself route, make sure to bring your own food. However, if you’re part of a tour package, you will have meals arranged with the operator.

Photo by Bataan Nature Adventures
Photo by Bataan Nature Adventures


Aside from really enjoying the peace and quiet in the island, you can also make your way around it. It is advisable to do this while the sun is still up just to be safe. As you walk around the island, don’t forget to take wonderful snaps so you can show the folks back home. Given the presence of rock formations and green leafy things, there are a lot of photo opportunities just waiting to happen.

Other than walking around and snapping photos, you can also enjoy the following while at Playa La Caleta:

  • Swimming – The next obvious choice of activity aside from just relaxing. Just remember to put on sunscreen so you don’t end up with a bad case of sunburn. Applying sunscreen also applies to other activities that don’t involve swimming and are done during the day. It’s best to protect yourself on vacation so you don’t end up with unwanted hurts when you get back to reality.
  • Trekking – If you’re adventurous enough, you can go and explore the nearby forests and mountains. Just don’t do this as the sun is setting for your own safety.
  • Snorkeling – You can go on a snorkeling adventure to see how many species of fish come and visit the area. Better yet, bring along an underwater camera so that you can snap a few photos beneath the sea. If you’re going with a couple of friends, go crazy while you take underwater photos.
  • Island hopping – You can inquire about this activity prior to departing for the island so that everything is settled. One of the closest destinations you can head to is Caragman Cove, which is just 10 minutes away from Playa La Caleta by boat. Basically, it’s another remote place where you can just relax and enjoy nature.
Photo by Bataan Nature Adventures
Photo by Bataan Nature Adventures

Another nearby destination is Biga Cove, which is really scenic. It does not have a real beach because the shore is covered with rocks, but there is a cliff that overlooks the sea.

You can also head to Velasco Pink Beach, which is privately owned and has a long, expansive beach.

So, if you like peace, calm, and tranquility, Playa La Caleta in Bataan is the perfect escape for you.

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    • Hi, we want to go to Playa La Caleta. I did my research but got more confused. Is PLC an island or a cove? And, Bataan Nature Adventure caters another beach called Aroma and not PLC? Thanks.

      • yung dating nag ma-manage ng cove sa PLC si kuya mike. tapos umalis sila sa cove na yun. Lumipat sila. Yun na yung Aroma beach resort. Cove din xa. same set up ng dati nya sa PLC. super ganda. hindi crowded kasi bawal walk-in. sulit pagkain. Bataan Nature Adventures sa FB yan din si kuya mike. xa nag ma-manage ng tour sa Aroma Beach Resort.


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