My Siargao Travel Experience

By Briyce

I and my two other girl friends thought it nice to have a weekend escape. I guess it was extreme for us to pick Siargao in June considering the limited time we have due to our work. But then we decided to push through, had our tickets booked and accommodation reserved. Good thing there is a direct flight from Cebu to Sayak Airport in Siargao Island.

Siargao by jojoscope/Creative Commons
Siargao by jojoscope/Creative Commons

We missed work that one Friday since the only scheduled flight in a day is at 10:45 am and would arrive on 11:55 am. Anyway when we arrived, the La Luna Island Resort personnel fetched us. That was actually a good move since there were no cabs and jeepneys were so rare. The resort was native-themed and had a spacious room with private balcony. It cost us 1500 pesos per night for 2 guests only and since there were 3 of us, we paid an additional 250 pesos. We spent that day checking out the whole place.

Surfing was the first order of the day!


We’ve been dying to try out surfing so the next day, we immediately headed out the beach to inquire where we can start. The resort we stayed was just a few minutes away from the Cloud 9 surfing area. They also have their surf instructor who guided us to the right spot and taught us the basics in surfing. That was my first time to try and it was very exciting. We rented out our boards from the resort.

It is best to start the activity early in the morning as the scorching heat is not yet in full swing and the tides, not very high. The first thing that was taught to us was how to paddle. It seemed a bit funny trying to practice paddling out of the water but we really had no choice. We were also told how to flip our boards and go under them when the waves would come towards us.

At last, it was time for us to head toward the water. I got a little panicky as the waves were very intimidating but still I paddled along. I thought I was doing the right thing until I heard my friend saying something to me so I looked back. I didn’t see the big wave coming and it beat me down. It beat me down actually a couple of times during our 2 and a half hour surfing session. Although I was a newbie, I still enjoyed the activity. If you haven’t tried out this water sport yet, then you have to on your next vacation to Siargao!

Surfing 101 by bingbing/Creative Commons
Surfing 101 by bingbing/Creative Commons

Next is a yummy breakfast!

In front of Cloud 9 surfing area was The Boardwalk. We rested and had a hefty breakfast here at around 9 am. I had a big burger patty and hash brown with eggs and bacon for less than 200 pesos. You can also play board games and billiards in the restaurant. Some would do jamming in the afternoon until evening. We didn’t however stay long. After our breakfast we went to the actual boardwalk and took pictures. They said that was the closest way to take you towards the waves when you surf. We spent the rest of the day in the resort relaxing.

Siargao Boardwalk by bagting/Creative Commons
Siargao Boardwalk by bagting/Creative Commons

The 3 islands of Siargao for our second day!

Our second and last day was equally exciting. The boatman was a friend of the surfing instructor and he took us to the 3 famous Islands in Siargao. The first one was the Naked Island. It was a 200-meter long sand bar with nothing in there, not even coconut trees, hence the name “Naked.” Daku Island was also beautiful where we had a fresh coconut for only 20 pesos. The locals sell fresh seafood and they also cook it for you. Lastly, the white sand of Guyam Island also fascinated me. We had a satisfying island hopping for only 1500 pesos in an all-day boat-ride.

A Beach in Siargao by betamyr/Creative Commons
A Beach in Siargao by betamyr/Creative Commons

Dinner at Ronaldo’s barbecue!

My friends and I tried Ronaldo’s Barbecue for dinner. The food was good and very affordable. After that, we headed back to the resort. We had a sound sleep that night and had a morning flight back to Manila. That experience was something really worth it and I would gladly go back to Siargao given two days or more.

A must in your bucket list, I should say if you prefer to relax from the humdrum of the hectic, city life.

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