Have an Extraordinary Gastronomic Adventure in Malabon

Malabon is formerly known as “Tambobong” because it used to have plenty of “tabong” or tiger grass as well as “labong” or the edible part of a young bamboo shoot. Today, Malabon is famously known for its traditional cuisines and outstanding homecooked dishes, particularly the Pancit Malabon. A visit in Malabon is never complete without venturing into the gastronomic culture of Malabon.

Notable Traditional Dishes

1. Pancit Malabon

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Pancit Malabon is a traditional noodle dish of Malabon. It is distinguished from other noodle dishes Palabok and Luglog by its rich yellow sauce made from a blend of fish sauce and crab fat. It is topped with various fresh seafood locally produced including shrimp, oysters, squid, as well as hardboiled duck or chicken eggs and pork bits.

Rosy’s Pancit Malabon

Address: C. Arellano Street, Cuatro Cantos, Baritan, Malabon

Phone: 2816249

Pescadores Restaurant

Address: #4 to #6 P. Aquino Street, Malabon City

Phone: 2887720 / 2886296

Mila Flores Pancit Malabon and Milk Tea House

Address: 51 General Luna Street, 1470 Malabon City

Nanay’s Pansit Malabon

Address: 37 Governor Pascual Avenue, Malabon

2. Tortang Alimango

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Image source:

This is a type of crab cake made of crabmeat mixed with seasoned flour batter and then deep fried, served with banana ketchup.

Ate Mely’s Carenderia

Address: 10 Andres Bonifacio Street, Malabon, Metro Manila

Phone: 2816316 / 2826299

3. Tapang Kabayo

Tapang kabayo or cured horse meat is also a popular dish in Malabon, served with hot and spicy sauce.

Ate Mely’s Carenderia

Address: 10 Andres Bonifacio Street, Malabon, Metro Manila

Phone: 2816316 / 2826299

4. Turon Pinipig

This is a traditional dessert made of sweet beans wrapped in rice flour sheets and then folded into a triangle, fried and coated with caramelized sugar.

5. Rice Cakes / Native Delicacies

Kutsinta Image source: Ramon FVelasquez/Creative Commons
Kutsinta Image source: Ramon FVelasquez/Creative Commons

Malabon is also a great place to shop for Filipino delicacies and native sweets such as sapin-sapin, kutsinta, puto, pitsi-pitsi, and cassava cake.

Tessie’s Puto Store

Address: Flores Street, Malabon

Phone: 2815804

Dolor’s Kakanin

Address: 19 Governor Pascual Avenue, Baranggay Concepcion, Malabon

Near the Immaculate Concepcion Church

Phone: 2823230 / 2812739 / 4427242

Arny Dading Peachy Peachy

Address: C. Arellano Street, Barangay Baritan, Malabon

Phone: 2810637 / 2810641

6. Relyenong Bangus

Image source: Erik Sevilla Estrada of
Image source: Erik Sevilla Estrada of

Relyenong bangus, also called stuffed milkfish, highlights the coastal culture of Malabon. Almost every eatery or household has its own version of this dish, differentiated by the type of stuffing used in the recipe.

7. Pianono Rolls and Traditional Pastries

Malabon is home to many family-run bakeries and old bakeshops, which continues to create baked goods such as pianono rolls (fluffy pastry with sweet filling), broas, Spanish bread, pan de sal, and many more.

R.B. Gregorio Bread House

Address: 306 General Luna Street corner Bernardo Street, Conception, Malabon

Phone: 2810341

Besty’s Cake Center

Address: 10 Rizal Avenue, near Malabon Cityhall

Phone: 2811127 / 2811131

8. Rice Porridge

Lugaw or rice porridge may connote shortage being a poor man’s diet, but here in Malabon, it is a celebrated dish and served with generous toppings. Lugaw is served hot with freshly chopped spring onions, garlic chips, and slices of chicken or pork.

Lugaw ni Onoy

Near the Immaculate Concepcion Church

9. Crispy Pata

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Image source:

Crispy pata is a pork dish that’s generous enough to cater to the gastronomic needs of a small family or group. It is made of an entire leg of pork, poached, dried and fried until the skin turns golden and crispy, and then served with pickle relish and sauce.

Jamicos Restaurant

Address: 201 General Luna Street, Barangay Ibaba, Malabon

Phone: 2814193

10. Quekiam

Quekiam is a Chinese-inspired sausage dish. The sausage itself is an important ingredient to a few Filipino dishes including lomi (thick noodle soup) and embutido (meatloaf).

Upeng’s Quekiam

Address: 304 C Arellano Street, Cuatro Cantos, Baritan, Malabon City

Visita Market in Baranggay Concepcion

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9 months ago

Pancit Malabon is my favorite. Super tasty with great seafood.

5 months ago

Sarap ng pancit ng Malabon! Ok yan! Awesome.

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