Portugal to Philippines made easier

MANILA, Philippines – Traveling to the Philippines from Portugal has been made easier with the opening of the Emirates flights connecting Lisbon to Manila via Dubai.  With this recent development,  Ambassador to Portugal Philippe J. Lhuiller hopes to capitalize on this development.   Lhuillier recently paid a courtesy call to President of Turismo de Portugal Federico Costa.

Turismo de Portugal is integrated within the Ministry of the Economy, Innovation and Development.  It is  the National Tourism Authority responsible for the promotion, enhancement and sustainability of tourism activities.

They reached a mutual agreement to cooperate and engage in promoting Philippines’ and Portugal’s tourism through sharing of information and possible exchange visits.

Portugal  by Photo_Robson Creative Commons
Portugal by Photo_Robson Creative Commons

Costa shared Portugal’s unique system of establishing tourism schools and training centers for  personnel requirements of hotels, resorts and other tourism-oriented establishments.

He also expressed his appreciation to the “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign while admitting that the Portuguese has still much to learn about the Philippines.

Ambassador Lhuiller said that the Philippines can project a better image of its culture and various tourism destinations through the exchange of news, features, articles and advertisements.

He also offered to Costa that the Philippines could be a potential gateway for the promotion of Portugal’s tourism in Southeast Asian Region since Portugal with its 16 overseas promotion teams has only one in Asia which is located in Japan.

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