The Philippines

The Philippines is a fast rising Southeast Asian economy with a vibrant, dynamic and young population. Blessed with stunning and dazzling array of natural beauty, the Philippine archipelago is spread out across its more than 7,107 islands. Complementing well its natural beauty, the country is also renowned for the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Different Faces of Makati, Ph by Benson Kua
Ride the Barrel Cloud 9, Siargao Island PhilippinesWaterfallsMayon Volcano by Storm Crypt (CC/Flickr)The Beautiful Coron, Palawan by Caryl Joan EstrosasBohol Tropics Resort by Storm CryptDiver above, Philippines by Derek KeatsPalawan, El Nido by Maks Karochkin


Why Should You Visit the Philippines !?!

Because … It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

Some Quick Facts About the Philippines

•  Language. Filipino and English are the two official languages of the country. Filipino is the national language while English is widely spoken and understood. If you know English, you can communicate with almost anyone and can go around the country without problem.


•  Entry Visa. If you are classified as a non-restricted national and your country has diplomatic ties/bilateral agreement with the Philippines, you are not required to secure an entry visa. Check out the Bureau of Immigration site for a more detailed and up to date information.

•  Currency. The currency in the country is the Philippine Peso (Php). At the moment, the exchange rate is 1Usd equal to around 40Php. Foreign currency may be exchanged at your hotel, and in most of the large department stores, banks and authorized money changing shops. Also, most large stores, restaurants, hotels and resorts accept major credit cards including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

•  Unit of Measure. The country uses the metric system as its official system of measurement. It is used in most trade and legal transactions.

•  Electricity. 220 volts a/c is the common standard. Please be aware of this when bringing in electronic items in the country. 110 volts a/c is sometimes available in major hotels.

•  Clothing. It’s summer weather all year round. Shorts and t-shirts would do especially if you’ll be going out most of the time. For men, if you expect to attend any occasion which would usually require a jacket and a tie, there is a wonderful substitute. You may go to a department store and buy a barong tagalog. It is an embroidered shirt that is considered a formal dress. It will cost about Php 1,000.00, but it is worth every centavo.

•  Water. Water supply in Metro Manila and in all the other major cities are considered potable. Bottled purified water, spring water or mineral water is often supplied by hotels and resorts, and sold in all grocery stores.

•  Driving. Similar to the US and Canada, vehicles are left hand drive and you drive on the right side of the road. Also, visitors with valid driver’s license are allowed to drive for 90 days from date of arrival.

For travellers willing to go the extra thousand miles for a deserted beach, the Philippines has around 7,000 of the most heavenly islands in the world. It’s still not the most obvious beach-holiday destination, but it soon will be.

– Condé Nast Traveller