Get 2K To Travel

Update: Currently suspended until further notice. We’re currently rethinking this program as there weren’t a lot of takers. Soon, we hope to come up with a better alternative. Thank You!!!


Hi There Trippers! Ready your backpacks and travel for free. 🙂

In our effort to promote tourism and budget travel to all the “AWESOME” destinations of the Philippines, we are giving away (up to) ₱2K to anyone who would like to participate. We plan to award this giveaway to at least one participant per month. So, hurry up and let us know if you’re interested.


Who is this for?
– Anyone who loves to travel
– Anyone who has a knack for budget travel and who can creatively cut cost and stretch the budget of their trip
– Anyone who likes to write about his/her trip and take photos
and yeah,
– Anyone who likes to travel for free
(** Philippine residents only.)

How can you participate?
It’s really simple. Contact us and let us know:
a) the destination (within Philippines only) you want to go,
b) the travel cost for you to get there (board & lodging, transportation cost)
– yeah, travel cost has to be within the ₱2k budget. We’re promoting budget travel here so be creative with the 2K.  😀
c) why do you want to go there?
d)) when do you plan to travel?

To increase your chance of being picked, here’s some advice:
1. Where you are going is important to us. Pick a good quality destination for a budget travel price.
2. Pick a destination that hasn’t been picked by a previous participant.
3. If you are a blogger or a photo enthusiast, show us some of your work.
4. Let us know why you want to go there.

What do we require participants (those picked)?
As our goal here is to promote Philippine tourism and budget travel, our one simple requirement is for you to write about the trip so we can share it with our readers and the world. Easy .. breezy .. eh?

So, c’mon .. contact us now and let’s go trippin’ the islands!

Please fill out the form below to participate. 

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** Got some questions? More detail about this promo –> G2K Rules & FAQs