About Us

Our Simple Goal

To showcase the awesomeness of the Philippines and its ~7,107 islands and have fun doing it.


What is TriptheIslands.com?

** Writing About All The Awesome Places of the Philippines Since 2013,  **

TriptheIslands.com is a platform  and the “place to be” where we let like-minded folks yell out (at the top of their lung) their passion for travel, adventure and the simple pleasure of going out and exploring the beauty of the country.

TriptheIslands.com is a community. We’re a bunch of folks from all walks of life who share the same goal and love for travel, the Philippines and writing. Sali na! Join us!

TriptheIslands.com is a great travel resource to anyone planning to visit the Philippines. According to us, we are the number 1 Philippine travel site in the interwebs.  😉

TriptheIslands.com is a platform for the Philippine tourism industry to strut their stuff.

At the end of it all, TriptheIslands.com is all about SHARING FUN! We’re all about friends going out, adventurers climbing their first mountain, families going on a picnic on a weekend.

We all live only once, why not have fun? Why not go out and TRIP THE ISLANDS?

Thanks for Visiting. Kita Kits Tyo Pag May Time! 🙂

Us @ TriptheIslands.com